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Thursday, August 02, 2007


I hate this. As much as I like to skip school, I hate to do it when I am feeling all hot. My body is hot as in panas. I hate to be sick. =( Since last year, I began to fall sick like this. I mean I never fall sick like this when I was in Form1 until Form4. I'll be so active,happy and healthy until I sneeze.

Just one 'AH CHOOOO', I will start sneezing and getting aches all over. Then I will get my flu and then fever follows. =( I hate this. Why does this happen so often now? I sleep a lot and I tend to feel tired a lot too. I am having this dumb Acc Quiz this Saturday and I just hope I can get over it. All blame myself for being so weak when someone mention a certificate. Although I know I cannot do well, I still put in my name because I want that blardy certificate and the 'wakil sekolah' word. I guess I'll just have to do some revision on it since I am away from school today. I was thinking of watching my DVD though. Well, I'll do some research for this quiz first. We are not tested on accounts alone. There's also economics, language, current issues on sports,politics and famous people or places. So there's a few I feel might come out. They did ask about Cinderella's author last year and which drawf do not have beard in Snow White. Scary.

So here goes.
The New 7 Wonders Of the world.

Wonder Date of construction Builder Notable features
Great Wall of China 5th century BC – 16th century China longest human-made structure
Petra unknown Jordan
Christ the Redeemer (statue) Opened 12 October 1931 Brazil
Machu Picchu c.1450 Peru
Chichen Itza c.600 Mexico
Colosseum Completed 80 AD Italy
Taj Mahal Completed c.1648 India
Great Pyramid (Honorary Candidate) Completed c.2560 BC Egypt

I am posting this up only. Wish me luck on Saturday. Will go to school tomorrow as we are going to the library to talk about what we found and have discussion cum revision for the quiz. I don't want to get last.

1 comment:

sHaN sHaN said...

Hey how r u???gettin better??
last week was me manatau dis week u pula...haihz...
so wat did u found besides dat??lolx...
anyway c u tmr in sch...
hope u get well soon...
miss ya...

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