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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mission Impossible.

So as to live up to the teacher's comment, I no..I wont stop talking lar. That is seriously Mission Impossible liau. Anyway, I WILL TRY NOT TO ONLINE!!!!! On weekdays and online a while on weekends.

I so need to study, to go library, to go PBA, to go anywhere I can do my homework and do my revision. So don't expect me to online or update my blog often. Then again, here like no people one. HARLO?? (echo: HARLO??HARLO??HARLO??)

Anyway, let's live on Econs, Maths, PA and Accounts books now. I don't have my whole lifetime for that. So yes, my mission which do not have much future la. I mean I will surely fail one. BUT NO NO. CONFIDENCE!!!!

So, yea. I will update on Daniel and Kwok Fai and Harry Potter if I get to watch it though. So watch out for that three. As for the rest, unless I really can't help it, else, no way.


Old Beng said...

>>>> HARLO?? (echo: HARLO??HARLO??HARLO??)


Mrs Chong said... many days liau ni come and find me ka??? Aiyo, if I am in the jungle, I think right now I am in the tiger's stomach. Or even worst, I am already his SHIT. =P But luckily I am not in the jungle.. =)

sHaN sHaN said...

hihihi...lolx... the tiger's stomache?
sure boh?? den who is da one sittin in front of me???hehe

Mrs Chong said...

>>>>> But luckily I am not in the jungle.. =)

Aiyer...tak baca habis one er... =(

Old Beng said...

Small gal tries to bluf old uncle? tsk tsk

Mrs Chong said...

=P I am 19 already, young lady already. =)

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