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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Busy week

I have yet to study but I've got so many events to attend. I am going to be busy today and tomorrow and then back to school to get my MUET results which I think will be rather devastating. I am totally freaked out. But no, I am not going to let MUET-results-to-be to make me lose interest in my events this weekend. Nothing is going to bring me down.

Been listening to Kwok Fai's song lately. Well, every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake. I really really like song 'Fen Shou De Na Yi Tian' and that 'Wo Bu Hui Wang Zi'. I listen to it over and over again. Initially, I was only interested in 'Xia Yi Pian Tian Kong' but now I am falling in love with all his songs. His album Voise is a worth buying album. I am currently hunting for Karen Kong's album which I think I will be able to get in Hong Kong Videos. Going to Queensbay tonight so I hope I can get it. I am also listening to Daniel's album and Zhang Dong Liang and S.H.E. It was such a waste that Zhang Dong Liang decided to go to Auto City and not Penang so I missed the chance to see him personally which I think would be really really great. S.H.E is coming to Penang on the 11th of August and Yi Lin promised to follow me go airport and chase S.H.E. Hope I get to go PISA to see them. I simply love Ella.

Today, I am going to see Kwok Fai at Queensbay. His event will start at 7.30pm so be there. I have not met him personally but I think it would be a great event with the great songs he will be singing. I am so excited and thrilled. Our local singers are getting so much better, we should listen to local songs. BUATAN MALAYSIA also good okay???

Tomorrow, I am going to watch Harry Potter at 12pm then at 5pm, Daniel Lee is coming to Gurney Plaza. Which means I get to see Daniel again. Been doing his board and I still need to touch up a little but I think it will look great. Probably will ask Shan's help to print me some pictures. =P Hope Shan will online. Anyway, Daniel's new album is really really something worth buying. I mean his first album was not this good. I am loving almost every song in it. 'Duo Bu Guo', 'Lai Bu Ji', 'Sui Yi Men', 'Love is under the sky', 'Yuan Liang Wo' and ' Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le Ma?'. That is 6/8 Chinese songs in his album. I love the other two English and Malay songs too. While the other two that I did not mention, I love them too. But I prefer the songs I stated. I simply love his new album and can't wait to see him. Shan and Yi Lin will be coming too. This will be so so so good. =P
Daniel and Shung Shung. Cuties.

Till I get photos from this events.

'Bang Bang Tang' is a new boy band just like 'Hei Se Hui Mei Mei' I think. Just that 'HSHMM' is the girl version. This 'Bang Bang Tang' is like students for Fan Wei Qi if I am not wrong while 'HSHMM' are from Blackie's show. HSHMM are a bunch of really cute and pretty girls. There's even one with damn cute voice and some may find it irritating but with her face, she is just simple adorable. . Haha. Actually, I don't know much la. But I like one song that BBT sang 'Ai Qing Xue Che'. Although they do not have strong vocals, this song is kind of nice. I like it since the day I listen to it on the radio. Lately, Taiwan has been coming up with many good looking boy bands with so so vocals. I think they should go to classes or trainings to improve their vocals. They can sing, just not good enough. Not even in the studio. I love Fahrenheit but I have to say that they need classes. I love their songs but I think they can do better. But no doubt, they are superb good looking. And despite their weaknesses, people still want to see them. Fahrenheit has been earning a lot by selling those pictorial book of them. I can't afford one yet because they are either RM39.90 or RM61.00 for the new one. I saw two with RM15 and RM29.90 I think but I just don't feel that it is worth it. Not yet. =P

I think this guy is cute. I don't know his name though. One member from Bang Bang Tang. Is it Wang Zi?

cute cute cute. But I forgot the name. =P I took a long time to know the members of Fahrenheit okay? So bear with me

I think they will do good. Look at how cute he is.

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