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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kwok Fai at QB 14/07


I went to see Kwok Fai in Queensbay on Saturday. He is scheduled to reach at 7.30p.m but because my grandma wanted us to get her dinner, we were late. My grandma did not eat that dinner either cause she went out with my aunt. Double smack head. Anyway, got there late but luckily Kwok Fai was not there yet. I had not taken my dinner but I got no time to eat anymore, rushed to the stage area and met up with Ju-Yen and sister, Chun Yiun, Sevvy, Soursand and few other KL pinkies. Was glad to meet up with Sevvy and Soursand after such a long time. Chun Yiun was the one who introduced me to Kwok Fai's songs with the help of Ju-Yen. Lol, Chun Yiun sold me the album through Ju-Yen mar. Anyway, I had a great time. He was not exactly the guy I will gilakan but I gilakan his songs. So how? Track 2 is awesome. I love it. There are few more songs I like but I can't remember the track. Just remember that I listen to it again and again.

I guess pictures will definitely be more interesting than my ramblings. So here goes.

Kwok Fai in green. I was in green too.

Singing his songs.

Sing sing sing

this one is cute. He is smiling. =P

I personally love this shot actually

This I think is because he was looking at his friends.

We went out to see him off and took a final group pic with Ju-Yen, her sis and Shirley before saying our goodbyes. After that, my sis and I went to hunt for food. We bought some sushi, and Aunty Annie's or something. It was a great night.

Kwok Fai and I. =) Thanks JY.

Us and Kwok Fai. =)

Kwok Fai in his car taking pictures of us.

kwok fai kwok fai in the car. =P

It was a great evening. =P More pics with Shirley. Anyway, the last 4 pics from Ju-Yen's camera. I lazy take out my camera.


chunyiun said...

Yoohooo!!...soree oni got time to read ppl's blog..hehe...Anyway, im realli glad u like his songs..and im realli glad u were there at QM to support him...

How come he nvr kacau u coz u both wear green colour? He kacau-ed me frm the stage when i wore same colour as him at one of the events..swt...

Just wanted to say, thank you for ur support...:)

Mrs Chong said...

I looked like I am very scared of him kua. lol. No la, it was the first time I met him. So I think he only dare to kacau those he knows lar. =P

Love his songs. =) Thanks for introducing it to me. See u around very soon.. =P

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