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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I know I know, many people blogged about it already. Everyone has been talking about their results but what can I do?? I got no time to blog about it. I am too tired and finally, today, I decided to online a while and blog about my MUET. Guess what?? I'll be talking about Daniel and Kwok Fai in another two post. So heh, I guess this will be the most interesting post among the three post today. Not many enjoys my chase-artiste adventures. =P

16th July 2007. 12.05 a.m. Me chatting with Shan. Purple-Shan, Maroon- Me

try sms ya?

itz funny to send it to the superstar one though


i send ki liao

correct wor

they ask to send again one


lets send again

time d boey?


lagi scary k

duno la

wait few min lo


duno lar


wait a while summore

stupid..i wasted 60cents d...

ur ic gt senpang anot

no wor


muz ah?

u send 2 d?

i duno

i put wor

eh....ngiap say can d wor



wit or without

she noe d a

not yet

they not yet reply

u got get the reply saying it will activate at 12.01?

I am dying inside



stupid eh la

if my result bad, tml i dowan go to school lar

so cold rite nw

oh got

i mean oh god

i am feeling sick

ngiap got her result d...

oo means can d la

lets go

ask her gt dash anot



she just number leh

send d

cross finger

i am so so so scared...

can I not read?

brEathe in, BreAthe out

do it with me

oh no....i am about to throw up

no reply yet

no reply tooo

i am in tears d lar

even b4 the result is out

i got cold feet

faster can ar da reply

i kenot wait d lar


shit shit shit

i go toilet


gt d??




got it now

what's urz 1st?

u gt da ar?


i tak dapat lagi la

but i dun dare to open how?

y y tak ada reply eh

i so scared lar


wish me luck

Anyway, I sent 3 sms before I get my results okay?? Call me kiasu, kiasi I also don't care. I just have to check through sms because I would be so nervous the next day, I won't be able to study at all. So I only got my results at the 3rd sms.

1st message I got from my 1st sms was,
RM0.30 Keputusan MUET melalui SMS akan diaktifkan mulai 16/7/07, 12.01 a.m. Sila taip MUET hantar ke 39003.

ps: 39003 is the number you send to vote for Superstar in Project Superstar, I kept that number in my contact list.

When I send that message, it was already 12.05a.m. But I got two message like that. So I decided to wait. I chat with my friends until one of them, Ngiap Ai, told me she got hers already.
I send another one and waited. I waited and waited and waited. No reply. I got cold feet and stuff and even went to toilet a few times. Then, it came. I stare at my handphone screen and started running around my house with my phone. So worried and I dare not read the message. Got my eldest sister scolding me " SIAO AH?" before I came back to senses and read it.

Band Achieved5

Then I started hopping around the house screaming band 5 band 5. I then told my friends who were busy checking with me. I initially thought I would get band 4 only and even dreamt of getting band 3. I told Wei Wei about it and she went to check it too. She got Band 5 as well. A couple of my friends got band 4 and finally, the torture is over. I could not sleep that night. Silly me. Band 5 only ma. My class also got 3 people got it lar. I think my whole school got over 10 people got it. Some more got one got band 6.

Anyway, went to school, feeling sleepy. Got through some lame morning assembly. Asking people what they get. So excited to wait until 10 a.m. When it was 10a.m, they say 11a.m only can get result. Potong stim betul. Anyway, we lost control when we saw Mr. Ooi. Not that we usually would anyway. It was just because of the stack of MUET results he has in hand. Got our slip and waited for everyone to get it before tearing the sides and open it.

Phew, thank god the answers from Swee Hong's tuition is wrong. I got 1 mistake only for my listening unlike what I checked earlier from their answer sheets. Their answer sheets showed that I got 6 mistakes okay? Worst in my life time I think. I got pretty good marks for my Writing which I got 60/75. I really want to read what I wrote, I can't really remember actually. My speaking was average with just 32/45 and I think of all papers, I got the worst for my Reading Comprehension. I score only 108/135. 10 mistakes. What can I do? I almost fell asleep reading the articles okay? I am not very disappointed that I did not get band6 because I am 18 marks away from band 6. I got mid band 5 with 242/300. I wanted to show that I am happy but I feel that some people might be disappointed with their results and I had to like hide a little lar. But I am glad I got band 5. Nightmares over. Thank god.

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