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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Xing Kong Cast In QB

Well, er on the 24th of June, I went to Queensbay to see Xing Kong cast. I wanted to see Mei Sim and Gabe so much. Yes, I am not a big fan of John but I adores Mei Sim. I loved her ever since Superstar 2006. So my main purpose that day was to see her. Almost every girl there were chasing after John while me, I jump like mad when I saw Mei Sim.

That day, I reached late too. I wonder if its like my style already to be late for anything at all. When I got there, I got lost. I thought Coffee Bean was Starbuck. Blame their style to look alike. Anyway I did not know where was Starbuck and ran like mad in the mall. Got there just to see the cast already standing there talking. Haha, so much of chasing an artiste. They got there even earlier than I did. Anyway, found Yi Lin and Ju-Yen and started taking pictures.

I had fun persuading Yi Lin to get the album but too bad to no avail. She did not buy it. Neither did I. We had fun kacau-ing each other though. It is so fun to tempt Yi Lin to get the album. If it wasn't for KFC right behind us and she comparing the prices of a plate of KFC to the album, I would have succeeded. She decided that she would use the RM25.90 to get two plates or even 3 plates of KFC. So KFC vs Ping Ping. I lost. =(

The cast in Xing Kong are

Mei Sim as Xin Mei
John as Jun Hao

Ping Ping as Yuki. *no, not me. She is so much prettier*
Gabe as Ivan *not sure.forgot*

And below the middle one is Gary and I can't remember his name in the show either.
They sang,played games and signed the albums. You know what? It happened so long ago, I don't know what to write anymore. Ha-ha. Will post up pictures la. Nothing much to talk about because I was not on the stage taking signatures from them you see.

Please allow me to SS *syok sendiri* here. See on the banner. Daniel Lee Chee Hun, Ping Ping. =) I am a happy happy girl. I took a lot of shots of this to make sure it is clear. Ha-ha. Anyone can get me the poster or the postcard but I want this to be on it. Daniel Lee Chee Hun, Ping Ping. Oh I enjoy syok sendiri-ing.

Ah Yoon was the host on that day. As much as I hate her, damn she is pretty too.

The cast. I wonder if they looked into my camera. =)

I love Mei Sim. So pretty. =)

After that event, we ran here and there just to bump into Mei Sim and yes, I did bump into her and said" MEI SIM!!!!" she smiled and waved. After that, my friend scolded us for we only shouted for Mei Sim, totally ignoring Yoon and Ping Ping. =P What to do? We can only shout one name in that short time.

Mei Sim. She might not the be prettiest girl in the world but I somehow feel nice looking at her. I don't know why. So no critisizing please. And no, the one in black is not me. Its their PA. And oh by the way, these two pictures don't come easy. It requires practise from merentas desa to dash all the way to the other side to take pictures. How stupid was I? They were walking la my dear, can walk also. Unless of course they walk damn fast. As fast as you run la.

Their van. They had lunch in QB but I did not see them. Took a picture with their van though. But the picture is not with me.

That's all for the Xing Kong roadshow. =)

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