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Monday, July 23, 2007

My Accounts Sir

I am sure fellow Georgians can remember this sir who is very cute, with white hair, his specs and super short ties during Monday assembly. =P If you are not in his class, you might not know him that well. He is very very cute in class. He will tell some cold jokes that are so cold, you won't even understand. But when you see him laughing at his own jokes, you can't help but to laugh too. He always try to teach us and make the subject interesting but at times, numbers get a little too boring. Honestly, I pity him because our class are very noisy and being the gentleman he is, he will not scold you. Instead, he will say something like we must lower down our voices because at times he can hear us from his place. For God's sake, that place is like so far. One field away okay?? I don't believe him but at least he did not scold us.

I was telling my friends jokingly what I would tell him if been given the chance to. I can't remember exactly what I wanted to say but I can remember here and there.

Sir, when you are gone, you take my freedom away with you,
There will not be 3 free periods-literally as I am sure other teacher will not let us have it.
There will be no time for us to finish our homework, for other subject that is.
There will be no time for us to sleep, to talk or even read our daily newspaper.
There will be no cold jokes that got us go "WHAT?"
There will be no free graph paper or full marks for test.
There will be no open book test
We will not get to go out of the clas with you saying "Oh sure, go ahead."
I will miss you. I will miss all those freedom given to us. We will miss you, a little bit more than our freedom.
It is actually pretty sad to see him go. And while I was talking and revising my Maths, he gave us a magnetic bookmark each. That indeed make me feel as though it was a knife that he gave us and that knife is stab into my small little heart. It says something like "You are thoughtful, I am grateful." I think those words should be said by us and not the other way round. I immediately wake Cheng Ling up and together, we showed our want-to-cry-already face. Okay, I did that alone. So what? =P

Oh, I simply adore this Sir. Not because he gave us a lot and I mean A LOT of freedom, but because he is really really nice. He keep telling us that we can do it and we only have to study 60% of the syllabus. I love that line. But thinking back, I doubt I can even master 40% of it. He is also darn nice to one point that he makes me feel guilty cause at times I need to go out of the class to find Pn. Audrey. He will always say "Sure, go ahead." I went to one of the Lower Six class he was taking care of and the same thing he gets from us, he gets from them too. They talk as though he is not there and there he was, sitting alone,with no one talking to him or asking him questions. Perhaps we should ask him questions tomorrow.

We are having a ceremony for him on Wednesday, the 25th of July. His birthday is the next day. I'll miss him. We did a framed picture of us and him. Hope he likes it and remember even if it means he will get nightmare every single night. His wife is so so so lucky to have him. I hope my future husband is half as good as him. So patient and so kind and cute and nice. Ah, I am not having a crush now. =P

Bye bye Mr. Koay. We will miss you and hope to see you again in near future. Take good care of yourself and even though I am very lousy and naughty in your class, I still like you a lot.

ps: He is so lovable that those who are usually very pernickety when it comes to liking a teacher loves him. Those who show perangai in classes also love him and willingly get together to take picture with him. I tell you, IT IS VERY VERY HARD TO GET U6V1 '07 together to take a decent picture. Very HARD!!! So it was actually an accomplishment to able to do that. And I will definitely develop that picture and treasure it. =)

(read: pernickety means fussy according to one exercise I did for MUET. =P First time using, if wrong, forgive me alright?)


reddaisie said...

mr koay??the neck a bit short punya teacher??he so nice one meh?? i always see him like takut-takut and quiet quiet one...aww..rupa-rupanya he is so nice one..

Mrs Chong said...

yea yea...he seem takut takut and quiet right???heee...he damn nice mia....awat say his neck short???kesian tau...i like him...

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