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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I hate it when people make assumptions.

Don't assume things when you don't know what is happening. It is alright if it is small small things but DON'T EVER JUDGE SOMEONE BY ASSUMING THAT HE/SHE IS LIKE THAT!!!! I am still very unhappy because of what my mum said.

She thinks that 'he' is bad because 'he' initially wanted me to go to Johore to study. And did I even agree? I said no on the spot. I am NOT STUPID!. But you are making me feel like fool. Do you think everyone is like that? That the only thing a guy and a girl can talk about is that? How shallow? We are friends, we talk, I got so many friends who are like that too. Wah Keong koko, Lemon, they are guys too and we talked, does that make them like 'him'? I am the youngest in the family but I am 19 already, that time, I was 17 already, I know what is right and what's wrong. I know what I was doing. You guys might say that they are just being concerned but I feel that they don't even trust me. Am I such person? Am I such person in their eyes?

I was angry when I heard that because first of all, I HATE THE FACT THAT THEY JUDGE ALL MY FRIENDS. From Angeline, to my other primary school friends, then my high school friends, the friends I know along the way. I hate it. I am not dumb. I choose my friends properly and I am not that stupid to be sticking with friends who are extremely bad who will bring me down. 19 years of living with me, being with me, am I that type of person? Perhaps I am like that in their eyes. They don't even know my friends. Even if 'he' irritates me at times, 'he' is my friend and I don't think 'he' deserve this kind of treatment. Another reason I am so angry is that they claim that I rarely tell them my things and they just make their own assumption. I don't tell them because I hate to be questioned, I hate them asking me the same thing after a long long time. Like 'him'. 'His' story ended more than a year already.

Seriously, I feel cheap and I feel sorry for 'him' because 'he' got that label on 'him' although 'he' did nothing. I cannot say that 'he' is an angel but 'he' does not deserve this because 'he' did not do it!!! I guess I am just upset because I suddenly feel that they don't trust me. That I am not a good girl afterall. =(

ps: still pretty upset.

pps: Wah Keong might be right. They don't trust me not because they don't trust me as a person but because 'Love is blind'. So I guess I was not in love cause I still can think.


sHaN sHaN said...

relax ping...
is human's nature to judge something by it's cover...although is not that good..sometimes a person that don't have a great physical does not mean they don't have great personality...right?? everything happened for a reason...
don't be upset d life to the fullest...start a new life and forget all those unpleasant memories keep the pleasant ones...:)

Mrs Chong said...

thanks shan...I am touched!!! *sobs* Yea...Just that I don't like the way they judge all my friends..But I judge people by its cover too. Just feels bad when it happens to me.. =) I am ok now...

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