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Thursday, July 12, 2007

What's so good about Form6?

Since Ah Shan wants me to write on this, I will write to give her some face. =P You can agree and disagree but don't shoot me ok? I am just saying this from my point of view.

No, I did not regret and will not regret.

Form 6 is actually the best choice I've made so far. When you are in Form6,
- you get to look at your cute cute Form1 junior every single day *very nice*
- you do not have to think what to wear to school.
- you will be sitting at the same place for the whole year and you even get to keep your books under the desk!
- the teachers will know you very well. *if you return to your secondary school*
- you will get many many many post because the teachers know you and you join the same clubs and societies.
- there's no problem in looking for the toilet or class.
- you get a lot of short short holidays. *If you get a long one, you will eventually get bored and started to waste your holidays away watching youtube.*
- there's lots of unnecessary activities that will make you skip a day of school. *eg: Hari Karnival, gotong-royong, Hari Sukan, Hari Anugerah Cemerlang, teacher's meeting*
- you will have a lot of juniors. *who one way or another look up to you.*
- you will have many friends because you got many juniors who know you for years already.
- you still get to go to school at 7.35 a.m and leave at 2p.m.
- afternoon naps and tea time can be enjoyed at home and not in the college's library.
- teachers don't mark your homework. And there's very few assignments to complete.
- you will have to take only 5 subjects for the one year and a half.
- you get to watch movies. *hee for my case nia*
- you get a second chance to be serious in your life. *after SPM. I doubt that I will be who I am today without entering Form 6.*
- you get to see lame looking tortoise in your school compound. HUGE one. *haha. I run out of things to say*
- you get so many chances to try before the super damn huge exam comes.
- you do not have to retake that certain subject if you fail any normal exams. *of course you can't screw up your STPM! *
- all your examinations are being paid for.
- there's many funds and scholarship that you can apply in hope to get some extra cash with no string attached. * I got my RM100 that way. =) *

This is my case. =)
- get to meet this bunch of friends that I will never ever regret getting to know. *I'll probably have sucky friends in college.*
- get to learn to go PBA and library to study and at the same time, wash my eyes too. =) I tell you, not all guys who study a lot is nerdy looking okay?? They have handsome guys for that type too.
- get to learn how the library system works from my numerous visits to our school library. Thanks to the librarians who are my buddies.
- get to learn life's precious lesson. when one door closes, there's always another window opened for you.
- able to enjoy last one and a half year of being controlled. I am not ready to go out yet. =(
- able to go back to the memories I left unfinished in 2005.
- able to go back to the familiar place and enjoy it to the maximum.
- was given the chance to sing patriotic songs which are my favourite. *Tanah Pusaka =P*
- was given the chance to be tai ka jie again.
- learnt that I should not judge a book by its cover. *right shan?*
- learnt that I am very much loved.

Oh lazy wanna think d lar. =P So, all in all, I will not trade a place in college for my Form6. I love Form6. I love U6V1 2007. I love studio Picaso. I love my place with a wall blocking all the wind.
I love my sitting partner although we quarrel every day. I love the way I get to turn to the back to talk to shan every day. I love the questions cheng ling likes to ask me. I love calling yi lin's name. I love kacau-ing and be amazed by jas lyn's magic. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! =)

-end of form6 post-


sHaN sHaN said...

no regret enterin f6....
swt...i gif u suggestion nia k...
very lucky to meet u guys-bentengzz...
love u guys...
ya dun ever judge a book by it's cover..

reddaisie said...

glad u enjoy F6..
Watever we do..we must learn to be grateful hor??
love u..muaks
I am glad to have u as my xiumai too

Mrs Chong said...

love u too leng yong was saying that our nick damn geli... =P

ItchyHandseng said...

I did enjoy my form6 too.A little too much till i get bad results for my stpm haha.Enjoy and study harddd.

Mrs Chong said...

hahahaha...then itchy, shan and I will control ourselves not to enjoy TOO much... =P

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