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Friday, October 12, 2007

Why like that?

My close friends should know that I enjoy looking at one of my neighbor who lives in the opposite block. He has this sweet looking baby face although he is probably a year or two older than I am. I met him once when I was small if I am not mistaken.

At that time, I was very very young. Probably 5-7 years old. My neighbor who is now a little "out" due to depression used to go to the playground to play with me. It was then I saw him. I can still remember his face as his face doesn't change much even as he grows older. I really like to look at him. He has beautiful eyes, fair skin and Aaron Kwok hairstyle. The open curtain one. Somehow that look fits his face and I still think he is very cute.

I am not sure the one I like to look at is the elder brother or the younger brother as they look almost alike and having to see them from level 6 while they are at level 1, its not that easy to get a good look at them. I know either one of them has a motorbike with white seating while the other has a black Proton Wira with a teddy dog on his dashboard . I have not seen either of them for quite some time. They even stopped gathering at the bike area for more than a month now. I used to mumble to myself how they don't have to study, free time gather downstairs with their girlfriends and make so much noise. I sound like a nerd I know. How I wish I am one. At least I've something I am good at.

Anyway, I received a very shocking news today. Either one of them is caught. IS CAUGHT OKAY? I thought they work as some mechanic or some factory cause when I am on holiday, at times I see one of them wearing his blue uniform and going to work. Why is he being caught? Or perhaps its the brother. According to the quite-reliable source, our CNN, he was caught because he sell/smuggled ecstasy pills. I have not seen him for weeks now and now he is being caught? Can't you come up with something better like he is married or something? At least he is not a bad guy.

And it really doesn't help when I am have such a moody person now. Shan thinks it exam, Yi Lin thinks its too much stress and I think I am plain crazy. And I hate myself. And now he is being caught. Argh!!! Why is this happening? He is so cute, he can't be doing that right? Even though I suspect he has a Filipino looking girlfriend, I don't wish he gets caught. Okay la. The girlfriend a bit dark and I am a bit jealous. But why? La~ One of them is celebrating birthday soon I think. I remember seeing them having party some time like this last year. So sad. Why like that?????

ps: I am emo emo girl. =( And it really doesn't help with "him" having girlfriend, and him being caught. One is someone I really like and another, la~ eye candy la him. I don't care if others say he not cute. >:-(


weiwei said...

WAIT. does one of them look like this?
lol. just asking.

Mrs Chong said...

tengok the name also feel bukan kut
plus i dun think he has a friendster.
plus...this guy not cute also...
=P ur friend ah?

weiwei said...

no la.. my cousin's cousin. he got elder bro same face like him too. they're mechanic. then his bday is around this time too. hhaha.. coincidence la..

Mrs Chong said...

he stay near me meh??? =P besides, he got kena tangkap meh?

weiwei said...

he stays Farlim.. u paya terubong ma rite? haahah.. near near tangkap or not i dunno la.. thats why ask u lor.. hahaha..

Mrs Chong said...

no...he is not the one... =) he is not "the guy"

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