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Thursday, October 25, 2007


How many of you go to a wedding dinner because you want to share the happiness of the bride and the groom?

How many of you go to a wedding dinner as a respect because the person invited you?

How many of you go to a wedding dinner because you plainly looking forward for more sharks fin?

How many of you go to a wedding dinner because that person invited you and you have to give ang pow anyway?

To the brides and the grooms:
How many of you actually know everyone you invited?

How many of the uncles aunties you have never seen before who attended your wedding?

How many of you really wanted those you invited to really join your happiness? (20% of wanting them to celebrate and 70% of expecting ang pow and 10% of parents' wish)

I've noticed something, most of the time, we attend weddings because they are some relative's kids, or some friend's kids, or some neighbor's anaks. I usually attend wedding of people I don't even know. Sometimes, I have never even seen the brides or grooms. That's why I never bother going to wedding dinners anymore. I only go if my sisters are going. What's the point inviting people you don't know? Waste of money and you can't treat everyone equally. Some will get bored because they got no one to talk to. They might be so random, they don't even know the people at the same table as them. Weird isn't it? Why do parents decide who to invite to a wedding when the one getting married are the kids?


Dragon said...

not really like to go wedding dinner, sien.

Mrs Chong said...

me too me too... =P

reddaisie said...

i like to go to eat

reddaisie said...

me coming back whoever needs someone to go to a wedding dinner with..can ask me :)

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