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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Note: This post is dedicated to Diana who is 19 today.

Happy birthday Diana!!!!!!!! Lup u!!!!!!!!
So how? Old lady liau lu....

Diana has been a real nice friend since I know her in Form1. The Diana that I know...

~She is a little funny and super sensitive. I will forever remember how she complained that her mother does not sayang her anymore because her mother gave her chili tuna or that her tupperware is dirty. -.-
~She has pet snails, she writes the funniest thing in autobook.
~She is the first one who promised to ajak me to her wedding
~She makes beautiful handmade cards
~She gives beautiful names to her teddies
~She is cute to the extend that I suppose guys love to talk to her. She is special
~She is very lovable. But better don't step her tail. She will give you names like kayu,the crow,mandarin girl,tududu and things like that.
~She is such a banana, its even cuter
~She makes such a nice friend and a super gossip partner
~She will hang a dead chicken if I block her in MSN because I owe her money. AHLONG!
~She blocks people she owes money to.
~She gives weird names to her guy friends. -.-
~She is smart, darn smart. She gets damn high marks for Chemistry sampai our Sir loves her.
~She will be one of my bestest buddy ever!!! I may not have best friend but she is close to be one. =)
~She will feel cold when watching "The Day After Tomorrow". *I felt cold too* =P

CFF!!!! Not BFF la. BFF scared quarrel ler. Close Friends Forever!!!!!!!!! Muah!!!

I'll never be able to finish talking about Diana. DIANA I LOVE U!!!!!!
as a friend, not as a lesbian partner. -.-

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

o0whhhhh thats soooo sweet =)

you make me wana cry. huggies for youuuu

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