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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Bullshit I tell you. I don't know if I am going to be sued for posting this up but I am just expressing my concern as a citizen in Malaysia and this my dear, is freedom of speech.

My friend got pick-pocketed at Komtar last week. Then she told me she was told that she must only pay RM10 to apply for a new one. She went there and they told her that it is now increased to RM110. Every time you make a new one, they will increase by RM100. Meaning second time, RM210. Baboon is it? We got pick-pocketed, we must take one day leave or travel all the way to redo it and we have to pay freaking RM110 for it?

It may be our carelessness that we lose our wallet to the pick-pocket-ers and the bag snacthers but why are we paying for it only? The theives are all out there, busy doing their crimes and we have to suffer from their action. Why must we pay so much to redo the IC? If we lose it like we misplace it or dropped it, you can do this to us. But we have a freaking police report and this is what we have to pay?

I really don't know. This is getting more and more ridiculous. -.- No eye see. So you know what? Try not to bring your handbags. Take good care of your things cause the rules is no longer siding us. =(

My friend is so cute.
She: I got there and they told me I have to pay RM110. I was shock la. I thought RM10 only.
Me: Then? You paid them?
She: No, I don't have RM110 with me so I told them I will go back the next day. I was so shock at that time, I asked them, "How ah?"
Me: -.- . Then? What he said?
She: He said must pay also la. *shy*

(I changed the conversation a little. )

ps: I am just stating my point of view. If I kena sue, I will sia sui-ly remove this okay? =P Tak mau makan nasi kari.

My cousin say its because our photostated IC can be sold to other people at RM500 and the real one is even more expensive. Then do something to the rules for the IC or something. Why punish us instead? La~~
(Ini bukan menggalakkan hang pergi jual IC ya? Nanti kena tangkap, I tak tau.)

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