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Friday, October 12, 2007

Like that also can?

Now I got lots of time to study. But I'll get to that after this post. Today I followed my mum to office again. We bought the Hotcakes from McD which is the pancake. Mum loves it. For me, ok-ok nia la. Couz Vincent ate Big Breakfast.

Anyway, when we reach, I saw one indian lady who does cleaning for my mum's office with her son. Her son is eating fried bee hoon. Now 1st thing 1st. Working bringing your son? Not so right but can be forgiven. Let your son eat bee hoon, also forgiven since he is a little boy. Little boy gets hungry.

As couz Vincent and I was eating our breakkie, I saw that boy walking to my mum. My mum was typing away at the typewriter. I thought, "That's cute, he wants to look at my mummy working." That thought was naive. Mum stood up to take some documents and he simply opens the drawer to take highlighter. Got like that one ah? Where can simply take one? Ask then take, okay. Take yourself? Like wrong leh. Some more not very rapat.

Then nevermind. I walked out and I told my cousin.

Me: Eh, this boy in future not a good candidate to be a husband.
Him: Why? *stares at that boy*
Me: So young already so ganas. Future might abuse wife *stares at the boy also*

You know why? He was playing with his toys. Got motorbike, the "baja hitam" and friends. I am not sure what those monsters and hero are called but they looked like the "baja hitam" at my time. Yea yea, my time and his are quite far apart. At least 8 years. He was very busy smacking the toy's head on the table and literally fought off the monster. It was a little to ganas for a boy his age.

As I was typing this, his mum came in to filled water. Walao-eh. So big bottle, no wonder our water finish so fast. And they come whenever they like. Sometimes few weeks come once like that. Supposingly is every week but she says she is busy. What to do? Couz Jonathan wants to use her service.

ps: Like that also can er nowadays. =.=" I am not stingy but a bit to melebih already. Besides, couz Vincent said sometimes the boy would even use the typewriter to play. HEY! That is my game okay? Shoo~~ =P

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