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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jason Chan Pak Yu

I actually have lots of things to post but I cannot post. I can talk about the 988 concert in Queensbay which I attended but I want to do that with pictures and I have yet to get it from Ju-Yen and my exam is coming and I don't know if I can update which I know I can if I want to. =P

I've got like two more events not covered to be compiled into my Journey In Chasing Artiste. And I've got RIMUP coming up which is tomorrow. I guess then I will have more to blog about. I guess I should now just post up some pictures I got from Chun Yiun's blog about 988 concert. I hope she don't mind. Its of Jason Chan. He is the singer of Cantonese version of the One Litre of Tears Japanese drama. He is quite cute and you can get his blog link from my blogroll, if and only if you can find it. =P Its somewhere down there.

Anyway, I decided I want to talk about Jason Chan Pak Yu or something like that. I don't know!!

Jason. He was sick but he sang well.

He stood under the rain though he was sick.

Real hot guy. How come now so many entau and can sing artiste?

I like. But I love Duo Bu Guo more basically cause I can sing along. =P

Below is three different languages of the OST of One Litre of Tears. Which one you like better?

Japanese version by K from Korea. Song entitled Only Human

Mandarin version by Daniel Lee Chee Hun from Malaysia. Song entitled Unavoidable or Duo Bu Guo

Cantonese version by Jason Chan from Hong Kong. Song entitled Stubborn.

I've decided to look up more bout Jason and I got more photos!!!!!!! =)

They even call him the new Hacken Lee. I am so looking forward to hear of him again. =)
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