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Monday, October 08, 2007

None of my classmates in my list is online!!!

And you know what can make them this way? Maths test. Lol. Everyone is practically doing everything they can to study for their Maths. Boil the books, burn them and add some water to drink with it, sleep on the books or a more conventional way, studying for it like a real human do. I got stomachache and a real bad headache. I have yet to complete my Econs okay? In fact I did not do at all. I will revise my Maths a little later. I am sick of it. =( But I have to try. I will sleep earlier tonight. Lazy lar. Hate it.

How I wish I have the kiasuness in me. Perhaps that will make me study for my exam. Because I am not kiasu, I don't mind if I su. You get what I mean? =( I've been facebooking a lot. And I seem to do nonsense more than studying. I cannot wake up early to go PBA to study. I reach at 1pm! And I don't seem to able to concentrate in class. I am afraid my enemy, Mr. Pressure is coming back to haunt me. =( I have this kind of inner pressure whereby I cannot feel it clearly. It seems nothing but then it makes me uncomfortable. Last time, I didn't know these were the signs. I suffered from horrible pressure attack at that time. I was damn stupid okay? (read: WAS)

Can I like stop regreting everything I do??? I hate it!!!!!!!!! I think too much. And I blog nothing. Okay. I better start burning my Maths books to mix with water. I've got a lot of Maths book. Takes some time to finish burning. =)

1 comment:

U-Jean said...

well i wasn't studying maths... just wasnt online the same time u were

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