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Friday, October 19, 2007

I hate lizards.

Benci benci benci. Lizards always act smart. I hate lizards.

Why I say they always act smart? You don't agree with me? They always climb the wall. And then, jatuh from the wall. If cannot steady don't go up! Why do you want to act like you are so cool, climb the walls, fall on people or onto people's car's windscreen and scare the blardy hell out of people?

Cannot make sure that you don't fall, just stay on the ground. I hate lizards!!!!!!!!!!! Or geckos for my case. Geckos are scary. They fall on people all the time and scare the hell out of people. And then, they some more want to be "pek chek" and start flipping here and there and that scares people even more because it might "pek chek-ly" climb onto your legs.

I HATE LIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And geckos. And anything else that looks like it! Crocodiles included!!!!

Oh by the way, did I mention why I suddenly talk about lizards? Because it fell onto my mum's car windscreen while we are on the road. I was practically shouting from inside of the car and screaming and screaming until mummy swept it off with the wiper. And it kind of flew to the road and I was and still traumatized over it. =( I know it is unfair to judge them like that and they probably felt sad and cried but I am scared of them.

There was once when I was in the lift and it just have to take the same lift with me. I know I should not discriminate lizards like that but I almost cried because I am really afraid that it will walk to me. It always has this "pek chek" walking styles that scares me. And when I got out of the lift, I just had to run because it might climb up to me any time. To my horror, I saw another one on my way to my house. I screamed and I am so close to crying. The tear is just there, coming out from my eyes. And you know what I got? "Siao ah?" from my sis. =( So inconsiderate. Scare her with rats later. >:)


Anonymous said...

eeee.. i hate lizard too!! i even kill them b4 by accidentally step it to death in my shoe...-.- its like jelly so lembik.....-.- sumore i no wear socks T.T

Mrs Chong said...

i'll probably die or consider chopping my legs off....ahhhh

reddaisie said...

ahaha...siao ar!!!
but dun scare me with rats...coz i am afraid of rats!!! hahhaa

Mrs Chong said...

not u lar....che lar...blek...u so

Dragon said...

i hate they make the stupid sound. if i see one always there, i will use bang you to spray until it is dead. hahahahahhaa.

Mrs Chong said...

so evil....and will definitely running "pek chek-ly" and scare the shit out of me just b4 they die. Want to die already still want to scare people. Melampau.

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