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Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are going to Taipei!!

I'm going to Taipei!!!!!! For FREE!!!!!!!!!!

My sister won us two free AirAsia flight tickets to Taipei and guess who she is bringing??? The girl she kicked at the butt and said, "Hungry ar? Fatty ar??" this morning. Yes, that person is none other than her room mate a.k.a ME!!!!!

She wrote in for the contest to win free tickets to Taipei and received an email that she won!!! We were practically jumping up and down shouting 'YES YES YES!!!!! Taipei Taipei Taipei.

So happy!!! Finally, I'm going to Taipei!!!!!! Go and give that small girl (in size) a big hug and congratulate her for being such a smart ass sister!!!!!

She blogs at .

- Nang my post if you are a nuffnanger. XD

- Nang Pao's post if you are a nuffnanger. XD


TOLANIC said...

At first I thought it was a joke. After I checked the Air Asia blog, it’s true. Woah, so nice! Have a nice trip to Taiwan. =)

Mrs Chong said...

thank u!!!!!yea...we did not believe it until we saw the website too!!!! XD

sianG sianG said...

woW~~ my friend...
ur sister are very lucky !!!
Have a NICE trip to u and ur sister ^^

Mrs Chong said...

soosiang: thanks... =))

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