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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Photostat Machine has gone bigger

Since I was a small girl, everyone tell me I look like my mum the most. The rest of my sisters are not that alike (At least I know I am not some kid that mummy kutip from dustbin). I thought it was because I ALWAYS get same hair cut as my mum. Must be the hair dresser's attempt to please my mum at the expense of MY HAIR.

However, until now I still get that from everyone. Be it my mum's friends or my friends or any other random person. So I've then decided that we DO look alike. It's not the hair dresser's fault although she is not entirely innocent.

You know there's always these sayings to describe or to state that two people look alike?

Eg: Photostat machine photocopy out one is it?
Hou chi peng yan. (Like biscuit moulder)

So, do we look alike? Sorry, hair is so messy (although works well cause mum's is also messy. Just that hers is properly curled while mine is well, MESSY).

Hair is messy because it was initially tied in a bun (although in a bun also messy) but because I want to capture an even more look alike picture, I decided to take that bun down.

So, same or not? Can win or not? Am participating in this DKNY contest for mother and child look alike one. =))


blurblurpiggy said...

u definitely look like your mum. I wanna enter the competition but I don't look like my mum at all x_X. I wish they had competitions for mothers day non look alike *swt* lol!

Mrs Chong said...

blurblurpiggy: Really???Good good, got chance can win.. XD Do you look like your dad? Sometimes got daughter and dad look alike contest also..I never participated in such contest before though...first time.. =)) thanks for dropping by

reddaisie said...

sure win!!

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