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Friday, May 01, 2009

Hennessy Artistry 2009

I'm finally ready to blog about this. If you have already read about it and got bored about it already, read one more time la please!! XD I very bersemangat and got heart want write about this one.

It was held in QEII on the 25th April which was last Saturday. It was my first time to QEII. Wait, it was my first time to any club actually. So it was an exciting time for me. Suakoo ma. Picture time.

Ta-da. I think this place is really pretty especially with this 'bridge' leading to QEII. So classy. We got there at 8.45 p.m. because we were told that it starts at 9.00p.m. So we ended up standing there enjoying night sea breeze. That's when we met Eric.

Then Pao and I decided to go around and take more pictures cause it's getting awkward to stand around and do nothing.

Slightly past 9 we decided to go in and we got ourselves a shot of Hennessy mixed with cola each. It was my first and I could not stomach it cause it's a little bitter with burning sensation on the chest when you drink it. See the shot I am holding? I took a sip and Eric finished it cause I was too embarrassed to return the full shot.

The two bartender who we kept going back to, to get more shots because theirs taste nicer. Is it because they put less Hennessy for us? =P They were really friendly and all. =))

Boards like this were put up along the entrance and there's actually booths la. We did not take picture of these boards with the booth together. But the booth's picture was taken somewhere after this. This was the booth where we learn how to do mix the images to be shown when the song was playing. For the mood you know?

This was the booth where we get our shots. Yums.

Then we were lead to the VIP area and that's me acting all sua koo cause first time become VIP. The guard also kenal me already because I took picture. /shy

Then we were led into this small 'room' and this blogger tag was on the table. So cool~~ So I must take picture with it to show that I am indeed a blogger okay? *although it really doesn't prove anything. XD*

After having the shot, we brave ourselves to get a big glass one. This was with apple. Even more bitter. -.-" So I took another sip and gave up. This picture is for show only.

Then we proceeded to chit chat and take pictures among ourselves.

We got bored and decided to go down for another walk to all those booths and try them out.

This is me trying out mixing the images one. It was kinda cool but I am no artist. I think the clubbing chicks would get dizzy and throw up if I were the VJ. HAHA. Not because of the alcohol or the sight of me but because of the images I keep changing.
Then we moved on to this DJ booth where we play with the music and mixing it. This pretty lady was very kind and keep trying to teach me and my sis. We learnt till we sweat so much because of the alcohol/the heat from the lights/the fear in us because we learnt so long still don't get it. We gave up after quite some time. Sorry.
Then we moved up to rest a bit and take this VIPeace picture of our hand and tag.

Then we went down again. -.-" To get more shots because we realized the shots taste so much better compared to the glass one. I guess we like things in small packages. XD That was when Jolyn and Caney got interviewed. My sis and I run for cover because we are chicken like that.
More group pictures stolen from various sources. XD

This was stolen from Eric's blog, OBVIOUSLY. That's me, Pao and Eric.

The four of us share one common point. We were all Georgians!!!! From L-R: Pao, Me, Samantha, Mei Phing.

All the blogger girls. =P Jolyn, me, Pao, Mei Phing, Samantha, Diese *above*, Caney.
And the three of us share two similarities and one cool name. We are Georgians class of '05 and we are, Phing, Ping, Pong *her surname*. XD

Then performances started and I love Caprice's performance of all. I guess I am not the techno type of person. I got bored after Caprice finished performing because I don't get techno songs.

I even took picture with Vanessa and Elaine Daly but I don't have the picture yet. I think I am there to see artiste although I don't know them before this. HAHA. But I like Caprice's songs though that Ariz guy is a bit scary cause he keep pulling girls up the stage to dance.

This is Shamik who does the power beatbox to the 'I like to Move it move it' song. So scarily power.
Then all three of them came out to combine a performance which marked the end of Caprice's performance. =( He is kinda cute you know?

We got bored after that because techno songs were being played and everyone was busy dancing. I was like a 'rusa masuk kampung'/ fish out of water because I don't really dance. So we decided to go back. We called my eldest sis and I was sitting outside because I thought it's an obligatory picture for people who went clubbing because they are drunk. Apparently, it's not. =.="

That's the end of my first clubbing experience.


reddaisie said...

next time go clubbing u must dance d..
esp Hern's trademark dance..and also ur 'S' dance

Mrs Chong said...

Master Yoda: many people there...

LilMeJo said...

NIce to meet ya there~~

Mrs Chong said...

jolyn: yes...nice meeting you there... =))

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