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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am a standout in life

Or at least during my guiding life. Don't believe me? I'll tell you what I did during my guiding life.
During my first camp which was held by my own school, I was actually the Queen in our sketch although the Queen usually appear in a few parts only because everyone prefers to see the princess more. I was the mother of Sleeping Beauty/Snow White/Cinderella *all roll into one*.

The first scene was me wearing the pregnant lady's gown without stuffing any pillow because I've got a natural big tummy (with no baby inside). Then I was to lie down on the grass, and GIVE BIRTH! In front of hundreds of eyes. And there I was in the middle of the field, shouting 'PULL' when the rest shouting 'PUSH'. Don't ask me why, it was in the script.

See? I was a standout even when I was in Form One okay? What? Not standout enough ar? I was not at any random field okay? I was at Youth Park (a public park where Penangites go for their walks). So basically, apart from the girl guides from my school, there are many other people who were there exercising, staring at me. I bet you would too if you saw a girl in the middle of a park, shouting 'PULL' with her legs opened wide (wear pants inside).

I later found out that I was probably made the queen because of my natural tummy. T________T What is this??? AM I JUST A JOKE TO EVERYONE?? HUH??? HUH??? ADA???

Then I went to another camp the following year. It was a combine camp with another school- an all boys school (PFS). As I was like a boy, fat, short and got hideous hairstyle with spectacles too small for my face, I did not exactly stood out. Well, I grew my hair longer now with spectacles that fit my face and am more ladylike now. I am still fat and short.

Anyway, because of my outlook, I was shocked when they chose me to act in the sketch. /skips around while whistling. My scene was that I will walk out and they will play 'Pretty Woman'. Imagine, PRETTY WOMAN!! Stand out or not? Of all the pretty girls in the group, I was made the 'actress'.

I soon found out that once I walked out with the song playing behind, the song will stop abruptly.Then I was supposed to open my 'skirt' (I wore jeans inside) and pretend to flash to the actor and then the song 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woman' by Britney Spears will be played.

Apparently I was supposed to be a boy, dressing up as a girl. Hence the flashing part (to show him my true identity) and the main actor will get scared and vomit or something (I forgot) T_________T Stand out or not? Everyone will forget about that pretty actress or that handsome actor but everyone will remember that FLASHER. AM I JUST A JOKE??? HUH??? HUH???

Sigh. See, I stand out in my life. I later decided no more sketch because I've decided that I stood out enough.


Do I standout enough??? HUH??? HUH??? ADA??? *don't make a pregnant lady (though fake one) angry.

This post is written to get passes to

Date : 6th of June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 7pm till late
Venue : HQnine, TTDI Plaza, KL
Dress Code : Standout


James said...

Hope u get the invites for sharing..
All the best!

iriene said...

It's not easy to carry the character u mentioned in the sketch... at ur age then, 5 stars for your standout!

Jemsen said...

Hope u get the invites!
Do surf my blog & support...

Mrs Chong said...

james: hahaha...thanks..not a very proud moment to share huh???

iriene: it would be hard if I were to ask to do it now. but at that time, I did it because it was teamwork kinda thing.

jemsen: thanks...I will... =))

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