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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bangkok Adventure Begins

Note: Teehee, the adventure I mean is shopping adventure. Not the stuff-head-into-crocodile's-mouth or eat-those-yucky-stuff kinda adventure. =))

We were jet lagged since the day we reached till the day we left. KAKA. Though the time difference is just by an hour. We will sleep at 10.30 or about 11.00++ and wake at like 6am or 6.30am and eat our breakfast at like 8.00a.m. Not kia su ok? Usually mum wakes the earliest, even at home, so she'll be up at like 5+.

#1. Happy people eating breakfast together. Honestly, we rarely sit down together, all four of us, eating breakfast or stuff like that cause we wakes up at different times. This trip was also the first time our whole family actually do things together and spend lots of time together.

#2. On the way to Platinum Mall.

Platinum Mall is not that near to our hotel so we actually had to walk to the MTR station, take the MTR and then walk a bit more *because we wanted to walk on the streets a little* before taking a taxi to that place. We wanted to walk to Platinum Mall from the station we stopped at but luckily we didn't cause it's freaking far.

Their MTR uses token as shown on the bottom left corner of the picture (where I show a hand a few black stuff on it). XD Our first ride on the MTR and only yours truly tapped the coin on the correct place. Imagine that I passed that gate and saw my sisters and mum keep knocking on the screen. Sigh. Totally showed them that we are first-timers.

#3. At Platinum mall.

Platinum Mall is like shopping haven la. Just the other day I watched on Astro, one of the person in-charge there said, in order to finish walking all the shops, you need 2 days. Madness, half a day and I gave my legs to the mall already.

That top right hand corner picture, the wok with pork, famous there I think. We had two times and yummeh!!! Price wise, it's not that cheap though. About THB40/plate for most of their food.

#4. Bird Nest delight. THB 500 each. We were told to try them by our friends so try we did. =) Yummy. Remember those times I had to eat the sisa from other people because we were poor like that.

After shopping at Platinum and having our first ice-cream at Swenson (means the first in Swenson, not the first in that trip), we went to China Town. It was because we were told that we can get some goodies as souvenirs. Think cashew nuts, anchovies and other delicacies. To our disappointment, there's none!! It's more like a market like place and we were there too early so we did not really get to try the street food there.

#5. China Town continues. Though did not find the souvenirs, we had fun looking at things they sell. (But we can get it here too. So...)

HAHA top right, too dusty, Jie close her mouth. XD So cute, like very gam tung reach China Town already. Actually the tiny picture, one of it is of me, Jie and mummy being offered to try some plum. I tell you, DON'T EAU LO (GREEDY). Super sour okay? Sigh, why were we so greedy?? Why??

It's also why I fell sick few days ago. Pao was having sore throat and mummy made her honey lemon juice. I drank hers because I am greedy like that want to know how it taste like. So I got sore throat too. T______T

#6. While we were there, we tried their dim sum too. We were told to try dim sum at China Town so try we did. I still wished we tried the streets one instead of the restaurant one though.

L-R top: Sweet dumpling (with lots of ingredients from the savoury one, so different from ours),me looking curious, egg tart, siew mai.

L-R bottom: Me eating with mouth senget, me staring greedily at the food, wan tan mee, fried noodles.

#7. Taken at the MTR station to go back to our hotel

After finished eating, we decided to go back early, get some massage and eat some 7-11 sausages.

Had satisfying foot, neck and shoulder massage at THB450/per person (mummy treat). Then we walked over to the 7-11 opposite our hotel and bought some sausages as supper.

Important points
1. Get a good foot massage after a long day of shopping is just the most satisfying feeling ever. It helps you to get your feet back to it's original energy to walk more the next day.

2. Do not tell them to go soft because you are first-timer as soon as you go in there or it'll not be enough to make ur feet feel better. Tell them only when you cannot stand the pain.

3. Try their 7-11 sausages. Damn yummy. Their things in 7-11 are quite cheap, sometimes cheaper than the malls, so you can buy your things there. There 7-11 is also a must visit because it is different from ours, much more interesting.

4. Start your day early, you'll never regret it.

5. Platinum Mall is one of the MUST GO when you visit Bangkok because you can really buy a lot from there. RM25 shorts in Sungei Wang is just THB100 / RM10 in Platinum Mall.

6. Things in Platinum Mall is said to be cheaper than the ones in Jatujak because seller in Jatujak take their stock from Platinum Mall.

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