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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Malaysian Dream Girl, The Top Four

I'm so happy the four person that I liked since beginning is still in the running for the Malaysian Dream Girl 2 title. Actually the 5 people I liked was in the top 5. And now it's the top four. I kinda hope Ming, Pinky and Dawn will stay because I really like Ming but everyone is making a big fuss about her height. =(
First, let's talk about Pinky, DREAM 10

I liked her even before this picture because I think the Wacoal one was good. I think she looks different in her pictures and I think that's very important because if you look the same all the time, people will eventually get bored of you. I think this picture is really pretty with the vibrant colours and her smile.

I think she looked pretty fierce in this one and at certain angles, she looks like Ringo. This picture is just okay in my opinion because I like the Bella one more. I am no judge okay? I can't even wear my own clothes well, let alone talk about other people's.

This picture reminds me of her gila-gila posing in the studio. Seriously, terpahat dalam ingatanku. Lol.

Her legs look so long and slim here although memang her legs are long and slim. Look at all other pictures. I like her wedding gown!! But her face not very happy pun. She doesn't like her 'husband' because she wants to get married to Ah Fai la.
I want to talk about her English. I think she is doing very well because despite having a less perfect English, she still speaks and improve herself. I know many people out there who can barely form a sentence so I think hers is good already. She has to improve though.

She always look quiet though. I love this picture because I think it looks very classy and different from the others. Probably because the way her picture is taken but I love this!!!

This picture is okay. Not much difference though. I mean the difference is not major or huge. And she actually looks good with this make-up. I always love her serious-ness and determination and her style. I think I began to like her after reading her blog because she is so stylish and fashionable.
I think this picture fits the theme because she looks fierce and angry. And hai-yak karate kick you. And you think Ming cannot be the angry fierce type because sometimes she just look too quiet to be angry. =P

I did not really agree with the judge that this is a nice picture because I think her legs look short but I like what she wears which I think really represents her as she is stylish like that. I still like her after this shoot though.

I love this picture!!!!!I don't know why but I like the way she is lying down like that, with her beautiful wedding gown like this. Like resting on her ' husband's ' shoulder. I wonder if we can take such wedding picture. Look so dreamy, so princessy and pretty!!! Of course if I have such body and face to begin with. T_T Impossible for me but I really love this picture. Looks like out of the wedding mag.

Juanita, DREAM 05
After all the drama, I admit I started to dislike her a little. =P
Not prejudice okay? But I think this picture show her thigh too much. It's a bit big huh? I don't know eh, for a model, like a bit big. Maybe cause Pinky got really skinny ones. I don't like her make-up here. I saw it on one of her blog posting and I don't like!!!!!
I think she looks kinda good here because I don't know. Her body so long and toned (here). And she looks strong here. Like, I punch you only you know. While flying some more.

I think she looks pretty good here. Like some rich man's daughter or something. But that's all I can say. Because I am lousy like that.
I think of all her pictures, this is one of those that I DON'T LIKE!!! Look at her tummy. Why come out one? I know I fat la but then for a model, tummy can come out like that meh? And her face kind of like the same. Look carefully at the HP picture and this one. When she don't smile, it's muka A, when she smiles, muka B. Macam template.

Although I don't like her hair, I like the gown. Heh. I thought this photo they say they must show very er dramatic or drastic or big actions or poses. This one not very dramatic or drastic or big wor. But I think she look pretty in wedding gown. But she don't really like her 'husband' (the car) hor?
Dawn, DREAM 02. Another of my favourite contestant in the show. She's just someone everyone would love to befriend with I guess.

With her ballet experience, I think this picture turned out really good. I like her poses and I like her long legs.
I can so see such picture with this kind of smile in magazines leh!!! I like her because her smile is just so...captivating. I think it's cause of that dimple.

This one is a bit of the dancing moves and not the furious exercise look which is different from the rest of the girls. Maybe it doesn't show much energy though. Instead it's more to the rilek-lah kind of pose. I think it was okay wor. I kind of like it.

I think she did well for this one though. Cause hey, if you can pull off such hair, you can do anything okay? Ok la, a bit exaggerated. But seriously. That is one ugly hair okay? But I think it fits her well because she got pretty and tiny face and I think she'll be okay. Hair will grow. =P

I think her face is not happy and bahagia enough. A bit weak and not happy excited enough. But I still think the picture is nice cause somehow they all look pretty. Is it because of the wedding gown? I like her hair accessory.

That's my take for the top 4. I think this season's is better compared to the last one because they take better picture. I don't care who wins now because all of them have potential! =)


Peter said...

Wows! They all look good to me!
I don't follow the show, but I'd have to agree that Pinky has the most dynamic looks (and I like her hair the best! Is that shallow?)... but I LOVE the pose in Ming's Chevy ad.

Mrs Chong said...

peter: yes...I love Ming in her chevy ad also... =)) We'll see who got voted out. So gan cheong.

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