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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Salsas, cooking with all senses

I would say this place's motto should add the words I put there, 'Cooking With all Senses, Service with NO senses' probably cause they put all their senses on their cooking.

I was told that when my friend wanted to make a reservation, the people there told her that we will have to choose two items from their RM13.90 range, two from RM15.90 and so on because we are in a big group. Excuse me? Have you been to such restaurant that they limit you to what you can order despite having all the ingredients for everything in the menu? Apparently they say if we order from the vast selection on the menu, we have to wait for a long time.

And the cocky waiter told us that we cannot have salad *although it's clearly stated there that we can choose and they clearly serves salad* just because we have more than 10 people there. I guess to make their job easier. HELLO?? Service ini macam ker?

And then he said he can make one exception because I was like. WHY NOT? Then I ordered for myself and my sister because she asked me to. We do that all the time right? However, in this HIGH CLASS place, you are not supposed to do that okay? Because that so-called pro waiter *with his slang English* looked at me as though I'm idiot and asked, 'Wait, so who is having the beef and who is having the spaghetti' So we said it's okay, we are sharing anyway. Apparently he was writing down the orders on a paper where he has already labelled who is having what.

Then I thought, probably it'll make it easier for him to serve later on. NOT. The only useful part of that paper was he knew which cutlery to change. Then he carried all the food out and started asking who ordered A? Who ordered B? ala kopitiam. Seriously, the waiter has attitude problem and the service is really lacking.

Despite having terrible service, the food was okay and kinda cheap. Wait, it was free. One of our CG member belanja-ed us.

The said salad. Corn yum yum.

My beef Schnitzel which was actually yummeh and I lick the plate clean.

When I was posing for this, my friends laughed at me and asked another boy to pose with his food. He was puzzled. Poor boy, never encountered such people. =P

Pao's seafood spaghetti which was exceptionally humongous and no, we did not lick this clean because it's really too much.

Finally the yummeh dessert that comes in three for everyone. So good!!!! I mean I've never had such dessert where each person get 3 types. It's yummy and I actually enjoyed it after I got over that earlier incident.

I would give it 3/5 for the food because Pao's seafood spaghetti was not exactly good. But that beef was quite good. So, + -. I love the salad, and the dessert and the soup was okay. The drinks was ok. Price wise,RM13.90++ for each set which is kind of cheap since the portion is big.

Service wise, never been to one that is worst that this. Champion. =)


weiwei said...

WTF? so damn cheappppppp. they have cute tauke or not? ahhahahahaha

Mrs Chong said...

I don't know which is tauke...HAHAHAHHA

Mad Maureen said...

they should learn the art of providing good service to customers from you --> a pro in Restaurant City.. ;) i want to log in to that game but failed.. huhu~

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: city tak kira pun...nonit to do anything, cant even do anything... XD

** Ju-Yen ** said...

Ping Ping,
go Salsas never call me...ahhaha...
i know which waiter are u talking about...
the one got the ear rings and look very cool type want right...
his english slang very keng wan...

the food is nice
u should try the dory fish next time
but then now, the food come in small portion d..
last time bigger portion...hehehee

and the best part is the dessert right...hahaha...
now economy bad...half cheese
last time...the whole thing is cheese cake...ahhahaha

Mrs Chong said...

ju-yen: hehehe..went with church friend ma... =P ya lor..that one lor...beh tahan...hehehe...cis...tak suka...

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