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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My sis and I were walking around the Robinson Mall's food court when we were in Bangkok. We were there to have our dinner.

Then I spotted something. They name their shop Papaya Pok Pok. Being the dirty minded one, I even dropped my duty to look for food and ran over to tell my eldest sis. Sigh. Why are we like that? She said she saw it the day before already but she did not tell me.

Pok Pok is a more decent (can private parts be decent?) word for a girl's private part. More like what you'll tell a small girl. And Papaya Pok Pok is actually papaya kerabu. Does that make the mango kerabu we had Mango Pok Pok???

ps: Mango Pok Pok (if exist) really taste good worrrr. Ok, sounds wrong.


3w3yaN said...

ahaha..da name so weird 1..lolz..mayb wanna attract more customer..i oso feel curious when i see this title..ahaha

Mrs Chong said...

hahahahaha...but it's the real name for the papaya kerabu in siam... =P

leechon said...

=.='' duran pop kok got ah

Simon Loh said...

oh.. pok pok = private part
*general knowledge updated

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