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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Peranakan Mansion: I thought I was Nyonya.

As I have to get some pictures for my S.H.E assignment, I asked my sis *that Pau* and Mr Lim to bring me to Peranakan Mansion. It is situated in Church Street, just among other shop houses. My sis did not believe that it's there cause we were passing by lots and lots of typical shop houses.

Then there stood Peranakan Mansion majestically. All green and fresh. I thought the tour for the day is over but nope, they brought us around the place.

So after taking happy shots, we joined the guided tour. Above is picture of me with the papan tanda, the beca, and one of the statue that was welcoming us. The above two smaller picture is the picture of the building with beautiful craft work by the China's craftman back then.

The furniture is the most expensive one of all furniture. Cause? It is designed and decorated with Mother of Pearl. ALL OVER THE TABLE K? And the picture is the picture of those Nyonya back in those days with her kids. And the table with papers on it is the Nyonya's favourite past time back in those days.

First picture is the stairs. Second picture is the one with the tainted mirror adapted from the Western countries. Third is their embroidery work. Apparently after they finish doing it (which take years), they will have to kahwin. Cause they can only get married after they have master the skills of embroidery and sewing. Then the table where Kapitan Chung Keng Kew serve his Western friends. And finally the angkut nasi one. =P

This is the bilik kahwin. =P Very China one I tell you. Looks like it's from any other television series from Hong Kong. The super huge camera that will meletup ala Hong Kong movies. =P Then the wash face bin, then the manik embriodery shoe, then cologne, dressing table, kahwin bed, and kahwin topi. =P

Wah, wangi wangi one stuff. Dressing table and the beautiful glass work!!!! I also took two pictures of the ancient radios. So funs!!!! While we were on the trip, they play those 'Wo deng je ni hui lai' and 'Cha Cham Bor' songs. =P

Their kitchen!! You see, they got microwave oven!!!! So power!!!! HAHAHA. Then got the maid's steamboat table. They makan steamboat mia. Then got the alatan like the lesung, mesin parut kelapa and stuff. And their tiffin carrier, so bertingkat-tingkat!!! Cuz they need to serve many people kua. Finally, one faithful Nyonya maid T_T cooking curry in belanga. DAMN SAD CASE.

After being a maid she boh kambuan (tak puas hati) so she 'kau' the tuan and became the puan muda. LOL. And she plays cards with other Nyonyas who came over with their Baba husband who is in the next room chit chatting and buat business. Then I came to my senses and 'tapao' (pack) my bag and leave the place. Of course not without taking another picture with the so-called telephone booth.
ps: It's RM10 per entry for adults and free for kids I think.
pps: There are more than the few rooms I show but I am lazy so I did not show so many. =P Got like 4 or 5 wedding room from different era with different setting and all.


millymin said...

how much to go in?

Mrs Chong said...

RM10. =)) I diden put ar??? Oops...hehehehe..

Doralin Lee said...

Got jumping vampires inside ah? No? Err.... I shall go to toy museum la then.....

Anonymous said...

camera is allow?????
i went there last year dec... camera is not allow wor...

Swee Win said...

i wana go too ! n eat nyonya food !
got watch the little nyonya?

Mad Maureen said...

Nice pics... U're definitely gonna get an A for SHE... ;)

Mrs Chong said...

Doralin: HAHAHAH...I was praying that there's none. But the pictures and things they wear looks so...keong see-ish...

Jolene: Eh, we can wor...they even asked if we wanna go one more round on our own to take pictures.

win: No nyonya food there la... =P No, I have not watched.

Maureen: No la, this is just a small part of our assignment. Hope can get A though..

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