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Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's done and over with

It's over. I don't think I can upload any pictures here tonight cause I am back in USM already.

I'm having a writing block or something and I cannot think of anything to type. So yes, I am not going to blog anything meaningful so you can just click (x) on your top right hand corner. After all, you've already contributed to my page visits. =)

I've got 1 Spanish Oral test, 1 Computer test, 2 presentations coming up the entire week ahead. And then I'll get the rest I needed *though I rest like all the time*, and study for exam. Yes, another sem is ending. Can't believe it. I am about to be a senior, a 2nd year student.

AND MY BIRTHDAY IS AROUND THE CORNER. I AM FINALLY TURNING 21. How scary is that?? I mean when we were 15, we wished we were 16. Ok maybe not for me cause I have bad teenage life and I shudders at the thought of having bad adulthood as well. So all I wished for was for the time to stop where it was. But of course I did wish for school to be abolished or something.

CRAP!!!!!! My friend told me that my room got fox this morning. WHAT??!!! Ok, I am room alone and I am totally freaked out now. =(


Mad Maureen said...

Aww, i thought my schedule already so packed because of the spanish oral test and an assignment which need to be submitted this Wednesday. And yours, salute, you can still manage your time baik2 with those agenda for this week.. Ok, jia you to you to make it this week.. ;) Oh, i was waiting for your pics, and all because of Fajar line lauya de.. But when u are free, and happens to visit the library, library line can upload de.. *wink* Fox, u mean the fox went inside your room? That day I kinda saw an animal some sort like the size of a cat, but it was not a cat, so I guess what u talk abt must be what I saw.. URm, looks jinak one lah, the animal.. So not sure if it's a fox or not..

Mrs Chong said...

ours is a room mate damn champion la she...can run out some more..if me sure scared till die in the room d =(

And I am struggling too.

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