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Friday, March 20, 2009

Laziness got the best of me

I was supposed to study for my test yesterday night but I just couldn't concentrate. You wouldn't believe how easily I got distracted. Like the shoes I saw outside of the tv room while on my way to toilet (which got me watching the tv with them), or the amount of shoes I saw outside of my neighbour's room which got me knocking on their door and join them. T_T Yes, shoes was the main distraction yesterday. Not literally though.

I don't have like addiction or something to shoes. thankyouverymuch. I do for money if you are wondering. =)) Anyways, the consequence of that distractions is that I just read whatever I can get into my head and go for the test. Luckily the test is not extremely hard although there are many parts that well, I couldn't get into my head when I was studying for it the day before. That's the bad news

But the good news is that it's over. And I am finally seeing some lights *I was buried under assignments before this ma*. So now I see lights la. Thank God I survived this sem. Many more to come.

ps: Play first, worry later. *throws confetti*

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