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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Farewell Night is tomorrow!!!!

After all the sleepless night doing fundraising stuff, planning and having fun at the same time, it is finally here!!!!

I love this tradition in PKA where they allow the first years to plan for this annual Farewell Night to celebrate the graduation of their seniors who are graduating. Not only will this strengthens the relationship among the first years, it also helps first years to get to know their seniors more as they'll be seeking help and stuff from the seniors.

I am grateful and blessed to have found these wackos but very kind-hearted people in USM!!! =)) So tomorrow is the day.

Dress -checked
Shoes -checked
Make ups- checked
Stockings -checked
Accesories (bangles, necklace, earrings) -checked, checked, checked.
Skin condition- meh.

I am very excited cause this is the first time I am doing my own make-up to a graduation night after I have quite mastered it in these two years. Ok la, not mastered la. But at least I can put on a decent make-up I hope. Last time my eldest sister used to put for me. And I was wearing specs. Horrors.

And this is also the first time I am wearing a dress since I used to wear baju and skirt cause I was super fat last time. Ok la, now still fat but now I can fit into a decent dress. =) I is happy.

Will post up lotsa photos!!! =))


sHaN sHaN said...

Have fun gal...
why uum punya so lao beh...sigh sigh sigh...

Mad Maureen said...

Wow, really independent first years. For my club, urm, we did not do it but just do the performance only kot.. My club's farewell party pulak is on this Saturday, when people pledge to turn the lights off. I guess my club would have to break that rule secara terang-terangan for the sake of the party. Lol..

Mrs Chong said...

shanshan: HAHA this is my christian fellowship one...we are happening bunch like that.. =P

maureen: Yea...we learnt a lot too through this.. =)) for 5 minutes as a tribute. =P Do a disco party lights one..

sHaN sHaN said...

Oic... but still uum farewell party for the seniors in our hostel so lao beh...every block do their own party... so not fun eh...

Mrs Chong said...

shan: here also sien one...but each course also got their own graduation night one...cuz if hostel one cannot do so grand cuz some malays dun like USM got lotsa graduation night by different different clubs, school, course... =P

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