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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Mum is alright now

My mum had some blockage in her artery and had to undergo stent and installed balloon. Ok, I don't know what those are but she is fine now. =))

Thanks to all who prayed for her and also who gave me support and encouragements. It meant a lot for her and my family. =)

That poor girl is now resting in the hospital and will be discharged tomorrow.


Mad Maureen said...

I don't realize that you are facing this trial, wow, girl you are strong, and I am glad your mom is okay now.. ;)

sianG sianG said...
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sianG sianG said...

hey, Ping Ping,
Is glad to hear that ur mum is ok now...
May GOD bless ur mum :)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: =)) I hide it well huh? I found out she's okay yesterday so it was just a day's worry la since I saw her on Sunday and she's all jolly and well.

siang: Thanks. =)) I am sure He is blessing her every single day.

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