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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Malaysian Dream Girl is back!!!

I've decided not to believe entirely what's in the video. I remember the last season I was saying how much I hate and dislike Cindy but her blog is the only one I read now and no, I don't hate her anymore.

Malaysian Dream Girl is back with season 2 and I've yet to finish watching the video cause I can't load it in USM. In fact I am watching it now while blogging about this. Anyways, I've looked through all their mugshot pictures and I will blog about who I like just by looking at her picture.
I think this year's contestants are all quite pretty. But if I have to choose 3, I like Dawn cause she looks so sweet, Pinky cause she looks cute and Liana cause she looks bubbly. I have to say Juanita, Natasha and Rajvin looks good too in these pictures. Natasha looks very classy.

I don't quite like this picture of hers. Probably she'll shine though. Black horse ma. But she needs to speak better English though.

I like her once I saw this picture. She looks so sweet and likable. But I am not sure if she can pull off the super model's look though. Too sweet. I love her new hair too!!!

She looks pretty too. I hope she can surprise me with other pictures though. This is not very convincing to me yet. Her hair macam sama ajer.

She got Hanis's lips. No? I think she looks a bit like Hanis though. But maybe she should avoid this angle next time. Ada double chin.

I love her lips and her intense eyes!!!! I LOVE HER NEW HAIR!!!!!

She looks like the one who'll go around talking and be happy and merry. But as the 'stories' change in the video, we'll see.

She looks like one of the Chinese actress in Malaysia-Singapore dramas. I can't recall her name and so I can't find her pictures. =(

I do think she needs to smile but she looks kinda special. She might be able to pull this off actually. Cause models are supposed to look edgy and special and not typical sweet young thing *unfortunately*.

I think she looks like some rich Datin. =P She got real nice eyes though. Me likes. And her face so sharp here. She is pretty to me. And her long hair turns short which is really good cause her long hair is not very cantiks and very susah wanna jaga la. I want to see more of her.

She is just so cute. I like her new hairstyle too!!!But also to the cute type one. I do hope she can pull it off and be something more than just cute.

Another picture in the MDG blog of her is not very flattering though. This looks good but another one. Not very good. =)) Her nose is pretty and she got pretty features here.

I can't see her face properly though. But probably cause I can't see her well, I don't quite like her here. =)) We'll see. This is just the beginning!!!

ps: I am looking forward to 'chase' this season with my second sis!! =P Our favourite hang out time.


Gypsy On The Move said...

Natasha looks different to me compare to the other girls... I think I wanna how far can she go in the competition =)

Mrs Chong said...

yes!!! Natasha looks special. And then again, it depends on how they perform and also how strong their fans platform is. =))

Mad Maureen said...

I think Juanita looks a little like Miss Ummu Salmah (the Spanish teacher)... Hmm, Jaclyn Victor's look..

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