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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Diet? Never happens in my family

Just as I was happily weighing myself and found out that I lost another kg after so many months of not losing it anymore since I am used to USM life, mummy feed me with a lot of food again!!!!!! Nevermind la. =P

Every week when I am back, mummy will cook lots of very good food like bak kut teh, chicken rice, chicken/pork porridge *which is my fav* and this week we are having??? Mini steamboat and fried beehoon!!!! Oh, and every week we will get to drink tong sui or at least barley. I love!!!! =)) I love me mummy.

For my mum to cook, it's actually quite a big deal cause my mum don't usually cook when we were young since she was always busy working to feed us. So my sis will take over the job as the cook. I am so happy I get to eat mummy's cooking now cause I don't know, it just feels good and I don't have to go out and buy. =P

=) One picture to feed my blog since I stopped having interesting things to blog about already. =) I wish I can do the Project 365 since Pao said her blog UV is increasing steadily. Bad USM connection.


3w3yaN said... never happens for me..everytime i wanted to diet..but ended up...nvr happen or success..hehe..=)

Mrs Chong said...

trying to diet mon-fri now and eat on weekends..HAHAHA...actually not diet, it's jimat...

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