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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I finally know why superman wears his underwear outside!!!

I really know one!!!

Neh, it's on the website. Just 3 words!!!!

“Because I lost!”
~ Superman explaining how he played a game of tennis with Clark Kent that stipulated the loser must wear their underwear on the outside of their pants.

So that's the reason why Superman keeps showing people his bragas!!! It's not a trend afterall and he is not a failed trendsetter afterall.

And Captian Obvious is the best fortune teller in the world woi!!! Damn cun his predictions.

“People all over the world will have to purchase a new calendar within the next twelve months”
~ Captain Obvious on the future

AND SUPER MARIO IS AN ADDICT!!!!!! Oh and his real name is Mary~Oh Antonio von Mario Bros

Mario's addiction problem
"One night, Mario and I went to a bar." says Princess Peach on an exclusive interview about Mario's addiction to mushrooms. "It was around 2:00 AM - Mario asked for a drink, but there was something strange about the bartender. He had a giant spiked-shell, horns and he spit fire. Anyway, he offered Mario a purple mushroom. 'Try it, it'll make ye feel like flying.' he said. After that night, Mario was never the same."

Had such a good time laughing over all these lame stuff I found here. Go see go see. Wei Wei intro one!!! Damn kau good.

ps: Go see teletubbies!! Look at their picture before they do their plastic surgery!!!!


Mad Maureen said...

This is a good website for tension people.. lol.. [but i haven't seen it, just make inference from your post.. ;)]

Mrs Chong said...

very funny oneeee...go find batman..also funny..hahahahaha

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