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Sunday, December 14, 2008

What I did or did not do in 2008?

Looking back, although it's just one year, it felt like it has been years since I left Form 6. I mean woi, it was just a year ago when I went NZ (don't even ask about the travel post that I stopped writing), then we got to know our results, then I went Singapore and I had to register for my uni courses in Singapore. Crap, I just simply fill in everything and that explains why I am quite lost when I am in this course cause I did not know what I was in for.

Then I went KL with my friends and we had to come back a day earlier to prepare ourselves to register for USM cause we only checked whether we got our uni in the bus. Why are we so adventurous? XD Ah Win had to go UMS some more. XD

Anyway, I just got back from KL. I went KL twice already this year. And for both times, my pocket got hole. This time the hole is bigger. Bout that trip later. The point for this post is that I want to talk about what I did according to category like Wei Wei.


I just passed my first sem!! Yay! I got myself into Translation and Interpretation course in USM and spent 5-6 months trying to breathe in there. Aiya, everything seems a little wrong over there la. The hostel, the people, the course. But I managed to survive one sem and I am looking forward to another 5. I love my course mates though. I mean they are okay, some are friendly, some are a lil stranger to me cause I don't really talk in class. I know. (roll eyes)

Love Life

That does not exist. So I don't have to blog about it. At least Wei Wei got something to blog about on that okay? But a bit errr.. drama. HAHA.


It's still the same, Bentengs and Emmoes. But I have a new found old friend who is my lao qiang friend, Miss Teoh Wei Wei ( I wonder if she will ever get rid of the Miss title). I said new found old friend because getting to know her now is like getting to know a whole new person. It's just that I get warm easier with her since I've known her even before she is fully developed. Ok, she is still the same for that matter.

Anyway, she added many words into her vocab and I was shocked. I agree with Cheau Yi who said Wei Wei is a different person. She still have that whiny voice and sings terribly but she is different already. And I think I got a sort of friend in USM- Kok. Crap, I said sort of cause he sure hate us a lot cause we always kacau him. HAHA. I still hang out with Yi Lin all the time. I love that girl albeit always dibuli.

Sama saja. Always sick also. Bad tummy. =( And I still have that too-fat-issue. I have been attending that dieting course but I did not follow. Boo. So I did not lose as much weight as the nurse thought I would. Sorry nurse, when I go back I eat RM5 a day okay? But thanks to USM also la, I lost some weight. Please let me lose some more. T.T I lost weight cause I have to pay for my own food and I walk a lot to classes. I know. It's so good to be kiam siap. I eat less to save money. XD


It was very well-controlled until study break, exam week and KL trip. I think all my Nuffnang earnings gone in KL woi. =( I need a job next sem break. Please visit my blog cause I need money badly, boo. But I am better than Wei Wei wtf. Stop shopping in GAMA la. XD

I also contributed to the country's economy okay? All come and say thank you to me. T.T I have to mourn over the money spent. I am famous for being kiam siap with myself okay? I won't feel that bad spending for family or friends (have to cancel out cause shameless people like Wei Wei will make me belanja her. XD).

Next sem break must work already. To feed my hungry wallet. And no more karipap or snack. I have to buy packet biscuits so that I won't spend so much eating unhealthy stuff that only makes me fat. Shit. Biscuits better than karipap.

Spiritual life

I got to know Jesus this year and I am slowly growing with Him and in Him. =) I'm glad.


meiphing said...

Ping Ping !

Heard of Project GOssip not ? i'm currently working on it ;D

LINK link ! help me :D

weiwei said...

my voice is the best ok. last time masuk choir somemore AHAHAHAHAH WTF.

Mrs Chong said...

phingy: I put that on my sidebar already. =)

weiwei: I also join la. Actually that time the whole class joined unless those who say dowan join ma. U kau bin puih want to join leh. They had to make me promise to sing louder to cover your voice. Haih, I did not tell you cause I dowan make u sad.

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