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Friday, December 19, 2008

I am not sure if I am in the Dean List

but if I made a mistake, let's say I counted wrongly, PLEASE JUST FORGET ABOUT THIS POST OKAY?

Seriously, I don't think I am that dean list material lor. My sis was like, "So easy to get one ar?" Well, that's cause I got it and I am famous for my laziness and I rarely get good results. So I can't really blame my sis.

Besides, I did not really study when I was supposed to which is really bad. But really, so what dean list. It's not like we are getting money pun. If I study, it's not to let myself down or to avoid having nervous breakdown in the examination hall.

ps: I just step on that line okay? If at anytime should I lose my balance, I'll fall right off the list so it's not all that cool. And I still hate BM thankyouverymuch. =)

**** UPDATED!! ****
If you kaypo till this level, read on. XD

I got B+ for both my Teori Terjemahan and Contemporary English whatevershit, B- for stupid BM ihateyou, A- for my compulsory English, 2 As for my minor English and WUS. XD I know, so many English. BWAHAHAHHAA. Sue me.
My CGPA (what is GPA?) is 3.52 lor. =)


3w3yaN said...

i think dean list is 3.76 and above...if nt place here is 3.67..but dunno whether USM is same or nt

Mrs Chong said...

USM is 3.5. Lol, no wonder my sis say so easy get ar?? XD

LiZaRdboi_88 said...

lol we all had been screwed by LKM400!

Mrs Chong said...

YES!!!!!!!! Stupid BM!!!

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