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Friday, December 19, 2008

I am frustrated

It all started with her taking a nap in the afternoon with fan turned off. Then I felt her body a bit hot and she claimed that she had a fever. Fine. And she started her "mogok makan" It's always like this. She will "mogok makan" even though doctors tell her it's not necessary.

I don't mind really to cook her oats every day and to cook for myself but what I am frustrated about is her "mogok makan" stunt. And then she'll feel even worst. She'll feel her whole body ache probably cause she is on her bed in her room 24/7 without fan turned on. And then she say she wants to go to see the specialist although she has just seen the doctor few days earlier cause she feels her heart got problem. O.o I mean ok la, I wont cancel out the possibility that she is sick but perhaps all those discomforts will not happen IF she did not "mogok makan".

I really wish to go back to USM now. The family is too complicated for me.


Doralin Lee said...

Eerr... cool down ok, I think i know who are u talking about.... I know sometimes older people can get on thier silly moods too sek out attention. Just hang on there ok.

Mrs Chong said...

hahahaha..she is ok d...i think she is sick of the oats I cook. XD She go out makan d THANK GOD!!! She is getting weak and all those sickness come rushing back some more dowan eat. Uncle Johnny came and brought her go makan.

I think she is getting better already cause she even asked me to make her milk b4 I sleep just in case she gets hungry and when I wake up this morning, she asked me to cook her oats, even b4 I ask her.

Mogok makan is officially over.

reddaisie said... i also tengah mogok makan now eh..

Mrs Chong said...

HAHAHAHHA...ur mogok makan alwiz followed by hungry face and sleep early. XD

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