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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Uni student, macam-macamlah

I think everyone is sick of me complaining. XD First I complain that we don't have book to do revision and we have to resort to the sad library which I totally feel belonged because I will always spot my coursemates hanging out in OUR aisle. Especially when we are supposed to do assignment, that very few aisle are where you'll find us.

Now that my minor English has a book, I am whining about having to fork out RM 44 to buy them. I got it anyway and I have to get another Oxford Thesaurus and Spanish dictionary next week. I have no more money so I cannot get them today. Anyway, after much running and lots of walking in uni, I have roughly finalized my time table and let's pray I get 9 to 11 am lab hours okay?

Everything seems new, relevant, interesting and exciting at the same time but I would have to spend my Xmas this year watching television at home. I am not complaining after all the running for the past 3 days. Yes, I have been busy like a bee ever since Sunday.

I have yet to adapt to the hot weather and I hope I don't have to cause no one likes hot days anyway. I have to check my mails, go pom pom and wash my clothes and class is at 5p.m. Should I nap? It's 2.20 already. I better not. I can sleep early tonight. =P No morning classes tomorrow anyway. Tomorrow I have only one class which is my 5 to 7 pm class. I know, so salah right? If not I'll be home tonight already!!!So, I'll be going home tomorrow night. And I'll blog about KL, about tang yuan, about my xmas celebration here in USM and hopefully my xmas in my first church for the first time. =)



chilicandy said...

take some snapshot of your uni..
erhmmm through your eyes lah... hehe
maybe upside down angle ? Your uni-mates, your not so close uni-mates, what they do everywhere... :p

nice reading, not so boring lah...*wink* wink*

Mrs Chong said...

chilicandy: I also wish I can upload pictures when I am here in USM but the connection is really not that good and I can't upload any pictures here. I'll show some pictures soon okay? XD

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