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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Picture day- Christmas eve

I had a blast this year. I think I am warga emas now and I should have a peaceful but happening Christmas celebration. That means private parties or stay-far-far-far-away-from-the-spraying-kids stunt. I will leave out KL trip pictures and DFC's 3rd Anniversary and any other pictures before this cause I am too lazy busy. Check out pictures for that in facebook okay? And I got PKA Christmas celebration ones too!!!! I will put in a few la.

This year's Christmas was celebrated at Coffee Island and Gurney Drive. At first I thought I'll spend my Christmas Eve watching television at home since there's no plan and I have class till 6p.m.

Ah Win bullied me and took such pictures of me. She asked me right a bit-left a bit and took shots like this. I don't really know how to take such pictures so I did not manage to take for her. Lain kali I go train on my sister then I take for you okay? XD

Us at Coffee Island. I was so excited when we ordered the drink cause I like beautiful straws and that kacau thingie.

Several shots at Coffee Island's toilet and pictures of me drinking. So salah to collage them together but nevermind la. XD
Swee Win said I looked kaypo in this but WHAT CAN I DO? I was talking to the waitress. Takkan I let Sharifah talk to the waitress in MANDARIN? Lol. Hence the kaypo face. Fits the situation at that time though. I was kaypo-ing. XD While korek-ing stuff from my bag some more.
Us and our messy hair while sitting at Gurney Drive. Ah Win, Sha and Diana shared a plate of Char Koay Kark which I think should be yummy but I was not in the mood for any koay kark. We stood at the roadside eating cause we are scared that the koay kark might get extra whipped cream toppings. In this case, snow spray. =P

And one picture of PKA christmas celebration. I got many in facebook. =) I love the candles and thank you to Sandra for the picture of me with the beautiful candle!!!

Merry Christmas again everyone.


Hui Ping said...

i gt the shirt u wear too..
bought at singapore cheaper..
i am mr happy....

Mrs Chong said...

huiping: is it??? AIYAAAA...hehehehe...nice hor??? =P

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