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Sunday, April 05, 2009

26 more hours!!!

26 more hours I will be celebrating my 21 years of living in this world and using up the oxygen!!! The only thing I contribute most is carbon dioxide.

Yes, I'm turning 21 years old in another 26 hours and guess what????

No birthday wishlist this year. I guess as we grow older, the things we want are no longer affordable and the things people can afford are no longer the things we want. I mean we no longer wish for big teddies or barbie dolls, or pink cake, or tiny stuff like what I used to wish for.

So eventually, we stopped writting down our wishlist.

This year, birthday seems different. I was busy until 2nd of April and finally when I'm free, I'm too tired to come up with one wishlist. Family has been pestering me and complaining that I am giving them hard time *so sweeetttt*.

On second thought, I'm just going to list down things that I've already gotten from them, for the occasion or not. I might add what I want cause the 2008 wishlist was almost COMPLETELY fulfilled. I am so loved!!!! And I'm tad greedy. =P

1. A digital weighing machine.
I've been complaining about my old cuckoo one for the longest time ever and Pao refused to get one for me cause she thinks it's a desire, not a necessity. Guess what? I've got it now, from her and mum. =))

2. Completely paid for trip to Bangkok.

Probably will have to bring some money just in case. But lodging and some shopping allowance will be given. YIPPEEEE!!!
Pao: Flight
Che: Hotels and some shopping allowance.
Mummy: The rest? *puppy eyes*

3. A nice dinner. =)) Time for dressing up. =)

4. How can I forget the cake Nissi CG got me??? It was on the 27th March. I celebrated with Sharon Anne and Ze Hao (his birthday was on the 1st of April). It was a lovely cake. Taste good too.

1. Hanging out with Yi Lin when I'm back in USM. I really need this. =)

2. Just tonnes and tonnes of birthday wish from people who loves me. I guess I need to know I'm loved?

3. Money for shopping!!! Don't bother to buy stuff, just give me ang pow. $_$

4. Hanging out with friends but I don't think I can as most of them are either working or studying and exam is coming up. Sincere wish will touch my heart. =)

5. Being happy. =)

6. Please ask me. I'll let you know when I can think of one. Seriously, nothing on material items that I really really really want to own now. Er...maybe the whole Chatuchak market? XD

Was reading through my past birthdays and almost cried woi!!!!!Why do I have the sweetest friends in the world??? Why??? I love you all if you are reading!!! *sends kisses through the country, West and East ok? Win, you are not left out.* Oh, have to send one to UK too. Hooi Shan there.

Though you guys are far and might not be able to celebrate it with me, I love you guys with all my hearts and I'm glad at one point of our lives, we met and got to know each other. =))

Hugs and kisses,
a soon-to-be adult.


Mad Maureen said...

Countdown to being legal, eh?? Hehe.. Make full use of your saki-baki of being under 21 to use, like urm, maybe, do all the childish things that you would like to do which you wont be able to do later once you reach 21? (in my case, this will be a long list..) ;) Like, colouring inside colouring books, perhaps?

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: believe me...I can do all childish things even after I reach 21 years old. =))

And yes, I might buy a colouring book. HAHA

reddaisie said...

hey mei mei

Ur birthday is coming in less than 24 hours..
and this organising committee kah?? sorry la..i just got back from the mountains...a bit kelam kabut..
but...che said going for steamboat rite?? ur favourite!!! so yay!!!
okla..i am really tired d..write u a nice birthday wish post tmrw ok?? oh mt kinabalu post also...

Mrs Chong said...

paopao: Yea....I'm excited!!! =P Stop walking like a crab laaaaaaaaaa

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