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Monday, April 06, 2009

PKA Farewell Night 2009

PKA is Persaudaraan Kristian Agape which is the CF I join in USM and Farewell Night is their annual event to celebrate the graduating seniors. I am glad I am part of it because true enough, I am much closer with the first years now that we organized this event and thus the funny pictures of funny people in PKA. I love how random and crazy we are. =))

This is Pei Ing who is from my course also!!! =)) I'm glad she joined us for Farewell Night.

Ze Hao who was born on the 1st of April, 20 years ago. He is one year younger and I used to think that he is those blur blur guy BUT I soon found out, he quite naughty also. And very very drama laaaa..He can take all sorts of funny looking picture.

Genevie..I still don't know if I spell her name right!! Hehehe... We both braved through the fundraising event where we both baked the whole night. A very sweet girl with two huge dogs!!!

And Sharon!!! She has very nice voice and she watched ANNIE and can sing all the songs in Annie too!!! Very princessy..

Rachel!!!! Everyone calls her Monkey because her name is Mun Ee and she's very mischievous like monkey. I enjoy being with her and yes, she is a good senior despite how we always complain and kacau her. =)

Marie the hamster!!! She's a very kind hearted senior who is always asking you, you ok ar? Can ar? And then smile. Very sweet.

Michael the SS king. One of the crazy people in PKA. He climb roofs and do all nonsense. *sigh*
A very sweet senior that I like and I think I joined PKA because she was up on the stage singing and she's from PKA and she just looked so friendly and angelic.

Winnie!! The one who tried to recruit me into her CG but unfortunately, her CG speaks mandarin. =(

Abel and Daniel -.-". Daniel oh Daniel. Super gila these two. Just look at that picture la. I wanted to take a picture of myself in front of the mirror like I always do but he was busy posing there so I gave up. T_T

Esther the tigress. They say she very garang one errrr... Got la a bit. XD

Daniel Tan the guitarist. He is very good at playing guitar and I only began talking to him when we had to practise for our worship leading for that night. I was in the same class with him during my first sem you know? -.-" My social skills? Zero.

Our father Justin. He was the president and Abel was the vice la. He is always saying, "that's the way la". He speaks no hokkien or mandarin and the mean us (Abel, Daniel and I) always converse in hokkien and he always say, " English please!!"

Lesley. I rarely talk to her and the other sarawak girls because I'm always doing the guy's job. I can't do cute cards la. T_T So what to do? I do the roses' thorns cutting and all lor.

Chia Hoey. She's the one who consistently messaged me during my first sem, inviting me to join CG and all. They are all graduating. =((

Kristin whom I got to know only this sem, in our bible study. She is a very stern person but she can be very friendly and crazy too. I still think she is kind of serious and garang though.

THIS IS MY CG!!! Nissi CG!!! L-R, back: Alex, Josiah, Chee Yoong (CGL), James, Jethro, Abel, Ze Hao, Jun (Lydia's bf). Front: Genevie, Sharon Anne, Rachel, Daniel, Me, Esther (ACGL), Lesley, Lydia, Angie.

Usually a CG is supposed to be small and of maybe 10 or so people but ours got like 15 kah? I don't know. Ours super huge one la. And I love my CG!! =))


Mad Maureen said...

Wow, looked exclusive oh the place.. Ah, i guess the theme for the night was black and white, rite? By the way, you looked stunning and love your dress!! ;)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: and white... XD Thanks... =))

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