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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm going to QEII for Hennessy Artistry event!!!

Nuffnang gave out passes *exclusive okay?* to this event two days ago and we were supposed to leave a comment on why we deserve it. I quickly alerted Pao to comment as well to get two tickets. If we both get 2 passes each, we can bring my eldest sis and Pao's boyfriend with us as well!!!

Unfortunately, I did not get the passes. =((

But Pao did!!! That girl called my house and I gave her Pao's number. Then Pao called me and tell me she got two tickets and I got none cause she asked that girl if my name was in it but nada.

So only Pao and I will be going for this event I guess!!!! Yoohoo!! =))

Whoever who are going as well, see you there!!!!!


weiwei said...

you can stand on the table and do some strip dance WTF

Mrs Chong said...

wtf...oo..that's what u alwiz do???nevermind la...i go see can d... =))

Mad Maureen said...

Whoa, nice hor~ Which artistes are coming?? ;)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: HAHAHAH..I don't know, I go ni...according to this flyer, it's starz angels, caprice and VJ spacebar...hehehehe...u know them?

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