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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm home!!!

Finally, I'm home and relaxing. Aiya, relek aaa...

I need to get some stuff done for my friend. Came back so late yesterday.

Anyways, I just found out I got B for one of my assignments. Cis. Spoil the list only but aiya, I never do well in my own core subject so I don't mind la. I'm glad it's not C like last sem although it's close to C. XD

I'll be home till Sunday but I've got work to do. Why do I take up so much commitment?? Especially during exam week. Got time die, no time sick ar...

Oh oh oh and I won from blogging about MDG. I got the weekly one only la. Not the laptop. =P I'll blog more when I can think of stuff to blog. =))


阿欣 said...

wa!i dare not ask Dr.Haslina.Haiz....anyhow,B is good already!!u know that our course is not easy.right?

Mrs Chong said...

wanshing: true though...hahahaha..i just like to complain...XD You should ask her la..then at least you know how's ur marks... =))

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