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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exam Fever + Laptop that is out of control

I am not having fever. Don't worry. But everyone are studying especially my room mate and it's scaring the shit out of me. She just study non-stop while I online non-stop. T_T But I study too la. Just a lot less compared to her.

My laptop has been very PMS-y. The mouse auto click on other places when I'm typing. I'm so tired of chatting because I can barely finish a sentence, not even half before it'll click somewhere else and I have to click back into the chatbox. It's so troublesome and I don't know what is her problem. I'll only be back next Tuesday before I can show my sister's bf and ask him what is wrong with my laptop. It happened before I came back here but I thought it was because my house table not sekata or what. But when I'm back, it gets worst.

It's so distracting and it auto shut off my songs or mute them (if it happens to auto click at that side). It's not even creepy cause it's annoying!!!!! I'm so whiny. HAHAHA...I like.

Me and my lovely family!!! My sisters and mummy are so pretty!!!!!! *hugs* Sorry Master Yoda/Tweety, I bent down and still blocked you. Maybe you need higher heels. =P I miss you.

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