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Friday, April 17, 2009

You are my sunshine

Yes, this post is about that except that my tone for this song is a sad one. The weather is driving me up the wall. No, not like the cicak like ok?? I AM NOT CICAK K? *stomp around like some spoilt brats*

Anyway, my eyes can barely open now with that heavy dinner. I should go and take a walk and breathe. It's so hot and stuffy in my room but Charlie is everywhere and I do not want to get plastic surgery *although some thinks I really need it*. It's costly and so overrated. Hello, I love my penyet nose cause my mum say it means my future MIL will like me. Hmmm...that got me thinking, is penyet nose attractive? It makes me look down though.

Besides, I am also scared that Pak Musang will come again. =x So I guess I will have to endure such hot weather to avoid being bitten by Charlie (charlie chit pong pong) or Pak Musang.

I have a paper to sit for tomorrow at 2.15p.m and I should really be studying since I've been relaxing quite a lot but I really want to blog so I decided to blog first.

Almost all of my coursework results are out. Some I don't bother to ask while some, the lecturer don't bother to tell.

Up till this point, everything is not bad. At the A and A- categories. That's why the other few subjects I decided not to ask. XD I refuse to let it spoil my nice list. In denial la tu. I am going back on Tuesday. I love my home. =)))


reddaisie said...

oh u coming back soon!!!
oh no oh no!!!
i need to tidy up the other corner of the bed...
when u are not around i sleep with my bags and books...hahahha

Mrs Chong said...

u better tidy up....hmph...heheheh...i'll be back...

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