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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Umbrella Day

I cannot do the 365 Project cause my larling, the USMhotspot who is very cranky and has PMS more than I do, do not agree with it. Unless I do 52 project lor. (Weekly lol) Anyways, I was browsing through my folder of insanely large amount of photos and decided to blog about?

Ze umblella. When we went to KL last holiday, we bought an umbrella each because it was always raining in KL. But after we bought it, the rain kinda stopped. -.-" We were to buy a small folded one but because there's not much color, we opt for the long umbrella. It was both a good and a bad choice. Good because we felt pretty with the milky colors and bad because IT WAS SO DIFFICULT AND AUNTY-ISH TO CARRY IT AROUND.

And since we took SoOoOo many pictures with our umblela. We got serious face mia pose also okay? But I don't know can see or not. Like very tiny.

Under my umbue la, ella, eh, eh eh eh.

Random shots of me kena bully and us camwhoring when Win is busy shopping. =P

The Lima Penyiasat or something. LOL!!!!

Us and alchohol. Haih, we are alcoholic la. XD I can't even take a sip.

ps: For bigger picture, you will have to go see them in my facebook. Sorry ar. But nevermind la. I am sure everyone yang datang ke belog I, did not come for the pictures. XD


Diana said...

twinkyy!!! XD xD

Mrs Chong said...

yes. I blog about twinky k??? XD

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