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Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's not that I don't want to update

but it's so hard and boring to update without pictures. I don't have new pictures but I can make something out of the old one. Too bad the internet connection is being grumpy and moody again. That explains why I was making a scene and jumping up and down (in my heart la, if I jump up and down in my hostel I'll be staying in the first floor now together with the rest in my block cause the building collasped. -.-) when I managed to upload pictures last time.

Apparently that very time I thought our connection is better already after the undi and all, was the only time my connection was good enough for me to upload pictures. I guess I was too hopeful.

So there goes, no more pictures. Just me and my ramblings on emo-self and complains about assignments. The good ol' times.

Oh and the kedekut me is finally out of my kedekut costume to take a breather. I went for McD with Wei Wei for lunch. I would always resort to eating rice with vege cause it's RM1.80 while McD is RM5 and above. And then again, I let my kedekut costume hang halfway la. Means I let my head out only as the only reason I go for McD is that from 12p.m. to 3p.m., you can get the double cheese burger set which usually cost like RM9.90 (plus tax become RM10.20) at RM6.25 only with tax. Happy girl I am.

On Tuesday, I had a RM1 lunch cause no more lauk-pauk to choose from. So I chose a super hard fried fish. Must be leftovers from yesterday. =( And I skipped class and teacher is gonna deduct our marks cause a lot of people skipped on Tuesday also. Haih, nerds like me damn pitiful. First time skip, kena d. Jackpot also not so easy kena.

ps: The last paragraph is for my family to kesian me and not scold me when I am back tomorrow. =( I was too worn out and tired so I decided that skipping once should be okay right? WRONG!!! I am deeply saddened by this now.


Swee Win said...

haha..internet connection so teruk ah..kesian kesian.. i everyday can aiya so malang skip class kena deduct marks.. so next time cnt skip ady tmr im gonna eat kfc ! yay..not kedekut-ing for

Mrs Chong said...

yes...lau eah connection...dun saimeng here ok????shoo...hehehhe...

YA LA....super malang one. Haih...this week has been the worst week ever. First I skip class and kena deduct marks. then I am moody the whole week cuz I was unwell. Then I doubt myself for a little and cried a lot. I hope that ends my worst week. T_T

I dare not skip her class d. Some universiti paper one I will still skip la cuz no one goes one.

Yummmy KFC...Have to turn off the kedekut button or u will have to eat cheesy wedges only like me last sem. T.T

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