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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's not even because of the workload

I mean I am eager to do my work and I am not like stressing over it or what.

Then why do I feel tired, withdrawn and just plain weak?

Is my body trying to tell me something? Is my body resisting the pressure I put on self? *if there's any.*

I don't know. Perhaps it's just PMS and I should stop thinking too much lest it gets worst. ]

Afternoon nap was a wrong choice. I felt even worst. I am not getting much work done though.

I don't feel as tired once I step into my room. But I'm still trying to attend every class. Pushing myself and dragging my feets to classes. I can concentrate though. *Thank God*

HPW tomorrow. OH NO!!! That means I have to use my brain even more. It's okay. We'll see how things go. Don't get our intestines all twist up yet.

Praying hard to recover by next week. *cries*

Sorry for multiple emo post. =( The blogger is in the emo-zone.


UPDATED!!! 26th Feb
I am healed! Well, mentally la. At least I am happy today. =)) I think He heard me loud and clear after my endless pleading and praying and pleaseeeeeeee yesterday. =)) Thank YOU!


Unknown said...

yeah start using your brains and stop taking pictures during evening exercises! HAhahahahhaa.. i didnt know u have a blog! how did u find mine? blog stalking me ar? hehehe..

weiwei said...

the law of attraction says we must not have negative thoughts. nono we must HAVE positive thoughts wtf. cannot say 'must NOT have' also wtf.

Mrs Chong said...

cheryl: HAHAHA what la...XD but I had fun that day. Usually if we go botanical garden den we very serious one. But Youth Park ma. For youth like us. And Pao was playing along. =P I found yours through lawrence and lawrence's through nicholas I think. I don't know. XD

weiwei: Why u lidet??? Ok ok, we shall stop saying no or not or cannot or should not okay? =)) Fast negative thoughts.

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