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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now I can print my crazy pics online!

I think my friends know that most of my friends and I are really camwhores la. I mean we can take 261 pictures in a day. Good thing is, I am also shocked with that number. =P That means we not yet reached nirvana.

As usual, I was browsing the blogs in my list and I saw Ah Leng updated. So I pun go and read. I don't know why I clicked on this post cause usually if I will see the title first. Anyway, after reading, I got interested so I continued reading another post of his where he reviewed this website.

Apparently when you do a review on this website, you can print 50 4R photos and 2 8R photos for free. I checked the website and it's stated there too. So I thought, why not? I've got a million pictures that I want to develop but I always procrastinate. From rat till cow, and I'm still procrastinating.

This eoe Online is a website that provides several services like online photo printing (so you don't have to go find photo shop and you can photoshop your pictures before printing), platform to compare and browse new products on cameras and such, contest page where you can participate and win even more goodies.

The current promotion is that you can get your pictures printed at 30 cents/pics for 4R photo and 50cents for 5R. I think the price is pretty cheap. And if your purchase is more than RM35, you get free delivery too. It's really cost saving cause you get to save time, save parking fees and still get to do it whenever you are free. Now you don't have to rush to get ur pictures printed since with internet, business is 24/7. That means you can spend the whole day photoshopping your double chins, pimples and wrinkles out and send them over at any time!!

You just have to sign up, upload your pictures into the website and choose whichever that you want to develop.

If you LOVE free gifts like I do (it's pretty obvious to my coursemates) and you want to print 50 4R photos and 2 8R photos for free, join Bloggers Review Program - Ultimate . Just make sure your blog is 6 months old with 30 posts.

ps: I think I'll see many of these reviews up after this since I got camwhore friends. You know who you are. =P


sianG sianG said...

wow ~~ its really very CHEAP !!!
30 cents for 4R !!!!!
even got free give somemore !!!
haha XD

but my blog havent reach half year la... T.T

Mrs Chong said...

nvm la...wait till 6th months then u see if there's any other promotion... =))

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