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Thursday, February 05, 2009

I won a guessing game thingie!!

=P I was browsing Nuffnang's innit and as usual I go into several innit posters' blog that I sometimes will drop by (cause some innit posters' title and the content is not the same. Like they put this title but the posting has nothing to do with the title. So I lazy.

Anyway, this girl posted a picture and asked us to guess where the picture was taken. I thought it looks familiar and she took it in Penang. How can I kia-su Penangites like me not comment and try my luck? I could possibly win okay?

And so I did. And I won!!! =P I almost forgot about the guessing game just like many others I joined. =P Some I never got the prize while some, like this one, she informed me. So kind. And she is quite pretty. If you wanna see nice pictures, go to her blog. She is Agnes. =)) She is going to mail me my lucky ang pow soon!!!!!! Mr. Postman, please be kind and don't steal. =P
ps: I would take the consolation prize if I were a guy. Consolation prize was a hug from her. But I am a normal girl so I'll just take the ang pow. =P


reddaisie said...

hey u so keng..u knew where the pic was taken..
i saw the competition..but i din know where it was taken!!
yay!! ping ping is gonna get a big fat ang pau!!!

Mrs Chong said...

paopao: cuz I got go to Forever 21's fitting room ma.. And the lights is very special one. =P

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