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Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures that me loves

I've posted these pictures many many times but today, imma post it again cause it's just different. I've edited every single one of them and let's see how rajin I am to tag all my pictures with my blog address. =P

Had wonderful dinner at Penang Swimming Club.

And now, my desktop looks like this. It motivates me when I get to see people I love all the time. Can you find your pictures? If not, maybe you should start taking pictures with me!!!!! OMG I am so full of myself.
ps: If you want that poladroid program, go here , download the program. Install and all already, can start dragging your pictures to the camera and wait for it to "dry". =)) you'll see the ribbon sign when it's completely "dry". I lazy do review. Go read

Christian time. (If you do not wish to read, can tutup the page d. Thank you.)
I was sitting alone in my room and I remembered what one of my friend told me while sending me back to my uni after some settling some stuff. He said, "Sometimes it's the people around us that bring us down. Somehow, they'll say things that will crush your confidence and beliefs. They'll tell you that you cannot do it and we unconciously let them brainwash us and bring us down although we know that in our hearts, the one who really matters it's Him and what He thinks. If we believe what we are doing is for the glory of God, then ignore what they say."
I was speechless when he said that cause I am not those who are like very pure and has lots of feel towards things like this but yesterday, it just struck me there and then.

And today was another full day of acknowledgement from Him. I've heard Him loud and clear through everyone around me today. I mean if one person is to say that, it might be coincidence. Today, I've heard more than 10 people saying that exact same thing to me. Thank you Lord, my God. I know that what I am doing now is right and it's to glorify you. I'll learn better and I'll grow stronger in you.


Diana said...

so terharu got my face on your desktop TT.TT

Mrs Chong said...

awwwww..that shows that you are very important and you are a camwhore cuz I got ur pics all over my comp!!!!!! =PP

I MISS U ALL...Jen Jen go Singapore enjoy...sien... =((

Anonymous said...

ah... this is the editing that you means... lol.. nice job..thanks for the website tips u gave me yah! lol.. and about the christian things, yah, sometimes it's what people said that bring us down. And sometimes there's something that people said that open our eyes, for example your fren who sent u back.. maybe we have weaknesses, everybody has it, but sometimes what people said focus us on our weaknesses until we are too weak and low self-esteem to correct them... so, people out there, be careful what u speak of... later i tell mommy oh.. jk.. jk..

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: this one is polaroid la...but the usual editing is the ones I did before this lor...polaroid one is another software d... =P

yea...I like what u say!!! About them focussing on our weaknesses till we are too weak and low self-esteem to correct them!!!!

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